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Wrench MB Intros 1.1 Beta


Now that MB has made the move to Win 7 only it’s time to finally show MBI a little love and release the W7-only version of it. This version should provide smoother playback of multiple intro/trailer items.

Additionally, I added a new criteria for selection: Rating (as in MPAA rating).

Please download this into your plugins directory, restart both the service and MB and give it a whirl.

Post feedback or issues in this thread. Thanks.


  • Fix a bug where media type criteria might not work
  • Add option to keep behaviour of advancing to next intro if “stop” is pressed (default: true to keep consistency with 1.0).
  • Added UK ratings to options
  • Add a few log messages to try and track issues

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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Thanks ebr. This is great. Testing now.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

I will try this tonight

  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Modified:about 2 years ago

Found a bug. When I launch trailers it starts playing a trailer and then goes to the next item as normal but at any point if I press stop instead of starting the next item it goes back to media browser and I can no longer play a movie without closing media center and relaunching. If you need logs let me know.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

I know these have to be movies to be played but I figured you could use these PSD I made and make custom MPAA rated splash screens for your intros in photoshop then tranfer to movie maker or something.


alt text


  • PS edit them all you want. If you make it better, please post it so we can all enjoy them. – chef about 2 years ago
  • Awesome idea Chef, I think your on to something. – xzener about 2 years ago
  • I’m going to make some HD movies. I just want to make the splash screen look better. – chef about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Woohoo!! Just in time for my new HTPC. Will be testing this soon, thanks Ebr.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

Oh snap! I’ll be testing this out tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of good things to report tomorrow night.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

Thanks EBR, very fast response :–)

  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Modified:about 2 years ago

I’m going to upload the BBFC style ratings certificate intros I’ve made. Here is an example:

alt text

Full pack is available here

  • This is awesome! thanks I love President M. Browser! lol! – chef about 2 years ago
  • Thanks, I noticed your MPAA certificate above, is there an official “before film” one? If I know what it looks like I’ll make a set of those. – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • Fantastic idea – love it! I’ve now got all the good Dolby/THX intros downloaded from the URL I posted above, with one of them shown randomly before each movie. Then the BBFC-style rating appropriate for the movie about to be shown is played, thanks to the new rating value check in the latest MBIntros beta. Brilliant idea of yours – nice work! – leedavies about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Great addition, however I do have a problem.

I configured the plugin to play a certain intro before all movies rated “R”, but the intro does not play (movie starts right away). I did use the play button in MB as per the instructions.

Do I need to refresh (using the service) first?

One thing that might be of importance, I have mediabrowser installed on D: instead of C: and noticed the service not always present in the task bar.

Pleae let me know what i can do to make this work, as I love the option but have been unsuccesful using it sofar.

Thanks in advance.

  • Does the film your viewing have the correct metadata? – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • I specifically tried several movies that show rated “R” in the details, so I would think so. Maybe I misunderstand the question, but does it have to be local metadata or cashed metadata? – Ernsta about 2 years ago
  • I’d check your xml file to see if the rating is in there. – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • Sounds like the service isn’t running at the time. Installing on D will cause this issue unless you set it to always start the service at logon (which you should do). – ebr about 2 years ago
  • @ebr I have it set to start at logon, however, entering MB configurator will shut down the service (at least that is what it does in my system. Can I uninstall and reinstall on C: without loosing my settings? @Systemlord I don’t have the xml on all of my movies, as the metadata is mostly handled by MB itself, I ususally do not use an exteranl metascraper. Will try with specific xml files to see if this is the issue. Thanks both for the quick response by the way. – Ernsta about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Loving MB Intros. If anyone needs proper HD surround sound Dolby Digital / DTS / THX etc intros (the moo cow can, the helicopter through the city – everything we’ve seen at the cinema), check out…

And there are loads more here…

If you’re playing back on an Xbox 360 extender, I recommend converting the VOB files downloaded from these sites to M2TS files. For me, MKV stutters and is too unreliable. M2TS is silky smooth every time.

You can use TSMuxer (it’s a GUI and easy to use) to convert a VOB or MKV to M2TS – which just works on the XBox. Takes literally a minute or so to convert each VOB, so it’s painless.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

Sorry to keep asking, but this is realy bugging me.

I have reinstalled MB on C: as per your sugestion and even removed MB Intro’s and reinstalled the older (non beta) version.

As this version does not support MPAA Rating as criterium, I set up a default to play one of my intro’s based on Audio codec.

Still none of my movies that meet the criterium plays the intro.

What could be going wrong? I know the service is running all the time since I reinstaled on C:

  • Sorry, my bad, I thought the plugin was part of the bonus plugins for my suporter key. Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t register for this one :O , no wonder it isn’t working. Found it by going through the logfile and there it was: “trial expired” Should have looked there in the first place! Will remedy soon. – Ernsta about 2 years ago
  • Dont feel bad… we all have our blonde moments. – xzener about 2 years ago
  • Lol, not blonde anymore, paid the thing and now everything is working! – Ernsta about 2 years ago
  • Whew. Glad you got it sorted out. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

One minor thing is that all the movie metadata I’ve downloaded from IMB etc using MetaBrowser has USA/MPAA ratings, rather than the UK rating from the BBFC.

It’s easy enough to map from the MPAA rating to the equivalent BBFC rating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rating actually given by the BBFC is the same as the BBFC rating calculated from the MPAA one (e.g. the BBFC might be tougher on something in the movie than the MPAA, so give a higher rating).

Is it possible to either get UK ratings rather than USA ones, or to have both USA and UK ratings in the metadata?

  • I’d add a vote for this too, if it is possible to add the U, 12, 15 and 18 UK ratings? – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • I think this has been discussed a couple of times already, however there are a lot of differnet systems for different localities. Furthermore, this info is not always (or even totaly not) available on IMDB or TMDB. I for one would love to be able to use the Dutch Kijkwijzer rating. The only solution I think at the moment to be to manually insert the rating in the metadata (Movie.xml) Not sure whether you cvould also manualy adjust the rating for MB Intro’s. @ebr, would this be possible? – Ernsta about 2 years ago
  • This is really kind of an MB issue. I’m using the MPAA values only because I think that’s what most people have in their metadata (due to all the above). I can also add the other ratings as options in the criteria though, if people have those in their meta. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • To have the option would be great if you could add them, but it’s not a massive deal if it’s too much trouble. – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • It would be really helpful if you could add the UK Ratings. Don’t want to have to go through my entire collection and change the ratings to US – gillmacca about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Someone was having an issue with stopping the intros but it is gone now. Anyone else?

This version will behave a little differently in regards to stopping. With 1.0 if you stopped a trailer/intro it would advance to the next trailer/intro item. You would need to keep pressing stop for all the items until you got to the movie.

With 1.1, if you stop during any of the trailers/intros it should immediately go to the film being played.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

MBIntros is working like a charm Ebr. I really like the new Ratings support. Great job!

  • Created:about 2 years ago

I seem to be having a problem getting MB Trailers to play while using smart select. I’ve got MBIntros set up to play a custom intro video, followed by two trailers from MBTrailers, and then a “Feature Presentation” video before the movie. When I have “smart select” checked, it MB plays my intro video, skips the trailers, and goes to my “feature presentation” video, then plays my movie.

I’ve tried adjusting the smart select threshold, but still can’t seem to get it to work.

It plays trailers fine when I don’t use smart select, and my metadata is in good shape for all my movies. Not sure what the problem may be here…

  • Please post a link to both the core and service logs (verbose mode) from a session where smart select didn’t work. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • …Of course when I want to show you a log, the problem disappears… Everything seems to be working fine now, I haven’t changed anything other than re-enabling smart select. I will post a log if the problem returns in the future though , sorry for wasting your time haha – PMac about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Version is posted now. Please replace your dll with it.

  • works like a champ intros play and if I press the stop key it skips to the next event. Thanks ebr – lurch9366 about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Let me start off by saying, I love Media Browser. Thank you very much for your great work.

Tonight I purchased the MB Intros and MB Trailers pack. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the MB Intros to work. I’ve tried installing the current version as well as this BETA. I have followed all the steps in the config instructions and have things set up that 2 movie trailers should play before any movie. When I click play (and no I am not pressing play on my remote, I am making sure to click play) it just launches my external player (VLC) and plays the movie. I would really like to get this feature working. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing. I have tried deleting the xml file for MB Intros and I have tried removing my supporter key and re-entering it. Nothing seems to work. MB Trailers is working great though.

While I am writing I should also ask, is it possible to have MB Intros (assuming I can get it to work) play before watching one of my TV show files? I watch them so much more than movies and it would be great to have trailers play first. My wife would also really like this feature :D


  • Please link to a core log in verbose mode from when you play the movie that should have an intro. Thanks. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • I’m not 100% sure on this, one of the vet’s here can probably confirm, but I didn’t think MBIntros worked with external players… – PMac about 2 years ago
  • Right now Intros only play before movies. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

“Please link to a core log in verbose mode from when you play the movie that should have an intro. Thanks. – ebr”

Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that. Could I trouble you to try and explain it for me?

“I’m not 100% sure on this, one of the vet’s here can probably confirm, but I didn’t think MBIntros worked with external players… – PMac”

I thought I had read somewhere else on this site that somebody had these working with an external player. Maybe I’m just crazy though.

“Right now Intros only play before movies. – ebr”

Any chance of modifying things so that you could have these play before any file type?

Thank you all for the quick responses.

  • There is an awesom Knowledge Base (button right at the top of this screen) and search function (again, right at the top of this screen) built into the tracker. How do I enable logging? Where can I find logfiles?ebr about 2 years ago
  • Intros works fine with external players. The intros themselves can’t play in an external, but the movie can. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Ok, so I went to go make a log file for you and everything seemed to work. I haven’t changed any settings but the previews loaded the way they were supposed to. Just to be certain I tried launching another movie and, as in the past, the trailers did not play.

Here is a link to the log files that were created today, both when MB Intros worked and when it did not.

Thanks again for your help.


  • Please set your logging level to “Verbose” and repeat the problem. I suspect that it may just be that the given movie didn’t satisfy all the criteria but I can’t tell for sure without verbose logging. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Sorry about that. I thought I had changed that option in the configurator. Here are the new log files which should be in verbose mode.

I also noticed this time that it seems that the trailers aren’t working when the external player is called. Movies that are play within Media Browser seem to have the trailers play correctly.

Thanks, Natilus13

  • As I had suspected, the issue is that none of the trailers are meeting the required criteria. You are playing a movie that is rated PG and has six genres defined for it. So, only trailers of movies of PG or below that match 2 or three of those genres also will be selected and none do. Try lowering the smart select threshold. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

I’m sure I’m missing something really stupidly obvious with how I’m using MB Intros, but I’m not seeing the behaviour I’d like to…

When I first installed MB Intros, I downloaded a few HD Dolby Digital intros (the helicopter flying through the city etc) and the cool THX cow moo-can one. They are now in M2TS containers and play fine in WMC as standalone video clips.

That all worked great and was perfect.

Then the MBFC certificate clips were posted in these forums and I downloaded and tried to get MB Intros to play a random Dolby Digital/THX intro first, then play the MBFC intro appropriate for the movie rating. Simple.

I’ve had it working (I think prior to the latest MBIntros beta…), but not all the time. I think that’s because I had some movies that either didn’t have ratings, or had rating values that I didn’t have a specific condition for in my MBIntros config.

This is a screengrab of my current config as shown in the MBIntros setup tool:

Current config

And my MBIntros config file is here:

Am I missing something…..?

And… this raises an interesting question. Ideally I’d like the following to happen:

  1. Play a random intro from the Dolby Digital intros folder – CAN DO THIS TODAY
  2. Play a certificate intro appropriate for the rating of the movie about to be shown. But have a catch-all certificate trailer which should be played if none of the rating value checks matched, so the audience hasn’t seen a certificate intro yet.

Is this possible today?

Thanks. And I hope I don’t feel too daft when someone points out why my current config isn’t behaving as I’d like it to…


  • Lee
  • I just did a clean test run using the above config (exited MB Service, went into Configurator to check config was shown as above) and exited configurator. When I played my chosen movie, I saw a Dolby Digital intro, but no certificate for a movie rated R. R was shown on-screen and I double-checked the movie.xml and it’s showing R as the rating in there too. The MBCore log for that test is here: It seems to evaluate the conditions and selects the Shrek Dolby Digital intro and also then the MBFC 18 intro. But only the Shrek one plays, as confirmed by the log file. Meeeesa confoosed. :–( – leedavies about 2 years ago
  • That’s the wrong log file. It is from the configurator. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Oh, how daft of me. I grabbed the wrong link from DropBox by clicking on the first logfile I saw. Note to self: read filename carefully before posting link. Sorry Eric – try this log file… about 2 years ago
  • Are you sure the certificate files play properly? Looks like they are queuing up but not being played (possibly because there is a codec or other error)… – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Good question. I tweaked my MBIntros config so I should be shown: 1 x random Dolby Digital intro 2 x random certificate intros 1 x certificate intro if one of the rating conditions is met I just ran a test with this new config using the Media Center client on my Windows 7 box. I opted to play Vanilla Sky (rating R) and was shown a Dolby Digital intro, 2 random certificates and then the 18 certificate intro which is right for a USA R rated movie. I then restarted my Xbox 360 Media Center client and ran the same test and saw this: 1 x random Dolby Digital intro No certificate intros at all. The MBCore log for each test is here: I then checked the certificate intros (WMV files do all play correctly via the plain old movies section of Windows Media Center. They all played perfectly first time. But… I’ve noticed the certificate intros contain a VC-1 video track (Windows Media Video 9) with a bit rate of 24 Mbps! The maximum documented WMV (VC1) video bitrate published by Microsoft as supported on 360 is 15 Mbps. The audio is WMA 9.2 – Microsoft states WMA 9 Pro is supported, so maybe… But they did all play perfectly in WMC itself. I’m going to tweak my MBIntros config so only a certificate is played and build up from there. I’m going to convert all the certificate intros to M2TS (or, shudder, MKV temporarily) to see if they then work in MBIntros. More shortly… – leedavies about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Thanks ebr, I’ll give that a shot. I really appreciate how quickly you got back to me on this.

Cheers, Natius13

  • Created:about 2 years ago

So, can we or not play an intro before a movie with an external player (mpc-hc).

I’m so confused.

Thanks & regards, Jimmy

  • Intros works fine with external players. The intros themselves can’t play in an external, but the movie can – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Anyone besides lee try this on a 360?

  • Any update on this? Anyone else seeing the same odd behaviour when using the Xbox extender? – leedavies about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

I’ve made up some custom intro’s for displaying a rating before playing my tv shows, and set up MBI to play them before each show, but what I didn’t realize before doing so is that all of the ratings for my shows are in the format “TV-14, TV-MA, etc…” is there a way aside from manually editing the metadata on every show and changing the rating to an MPAA rating instead of TV rating, that I could get intro’s to work on my television shows?

  • Intros don’t play on TV. Do these look like movies to MB? – ebr about 2 years ago
  • I’m not sure I understand your response… If you mean in general, intro’s don’t play on tv, here in Canada there is a quick rating shown before each show and after each commercial break. And I don’t really understand what you mean in your question, sorry – PMac about 2 years ago
  • I mean the MBIntros plug-in will not be called when you play a TV episode in MB. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Hmm… I see. Is there any way of doing a workaround for this? I think it would be a really neat feature :) – PMac about 2 years ago
  • Not at this time. It was determined early on that almost no one would want intros in front of their TV episodes. – ebr about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Here’s a rough example I’ve made for TV rating intros, similar to the one’s shown before a television program in Canada.

alt text

  • I like that! It’s like I"m watching SHOWCASE at night… David Duchovny you’re such a playa…. :) – chef about 2 years ago
  • Haha thanks, I’d love to find a way to implement these. For now I’ve just made a static 5 second clip for them where they fade in, but I’m going to add some animation to it once I figure out a way to incorporate them into MB. If anyone figures out how to have them work for intros, I’ve got the PSD’s for them, or I could change the Canadian rating icon to the US equivalent, or any other countries people would need. – PMac about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

I get no sound for trailers with the beta. I have setup an intro video to play first and 2 trailers before a movie. The intro video has sound but the trailers just have video with no sound. When I switch back to the non beta version I get sound back again. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • almost has to be a codec issue. i guess the W7 play method is causing different codecs to be involved… – ebr about 2 years ago
  • I updated my codecs and now MB Intros won’t work at all. It just goes straight to the movie. Went back to the non beta version and MB Intros works again. I am using shark007 codecs. Anyone else using these codecs that that doesn’t have any issue with the beta version. – memc about 2 years ago
  • Do trailers work if you play them from MB Trailers? Can I see a core log in verbose mode from when you play something please? – ebr about 2 years ago
  • Sorry it wasn’t playing the trailers cause the MB Trailers plugin was removed. Maybe I accidentally removed it. I have worked out that when the first trailer plays I get no sound. I hit stop and it goes on to the next trailer that will have sound. But if I play that same trailer that didn’t have sound through MB Trailers I get sound. Here is my log file. about 2 years ago
  • the sound thing is a problem with the external components. I see that every now and then on my main system when switching audio streams sometimes either the receiver or the audio card or something else just doesn’t “kick in” until you bump it by making another change. – ebr about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

It doesn’t work for me I’m afraid…neither did the previous versions actually, that’s why i never bothered to purchase the plugin…I remember I installed the plugin way back to try it out but never got it to work so I gave up on it…this version is the same, I notice the “quick play” button but that’s the only result, whether i push play or quick play, it just plays the movie like it normally would…no trailers.

  • What is the “quick play” button? Did you ever post a log? – ebr about 2 years ago
  • I didn’t put much effort into this, but I didn’t figure it out either. Maybe if someone could make a quick generic setup thread to show some of us how to set it up. As in, does this only use local trailers already downloaded, and if not, how to link it to mb trailers or whatever. – yardameus about 2 years ago
  • You mean something like this? How do I use and configure the "Media Browser Intros" Plug-in...ebr about 2 years ago
  • Well… uh… maybe I would have called it “configure and use” instead, but I guess that will do. smacks foreheadyardameus about 2 years ago
  • Created:almost 2 years ago

I’ve had an idea… sorry, I know. These MPAA ratings are awful for us folks in the UK, cos they often don’t map nicely onto our ratings. You guys have PG-13 and we have PG, 12 and 15. An MPAA PG-13 can be rated 12 or sometimes 15 in the UK. And you have NC-17 and R, we have 18, nicely between them both. Geez…

But… if MBIntros could consider the CustomRating field instead of the MPAARating field, nice speedy solution for us to ignore the MPAARating. Or we can just stuff the UK rating into the MPAARating field today and have the same result.

Would it be worth having both MPAARating and CustomRating available for selection in MBIntros?

  • Let’s visit this after Atlas because there is some related work going on there. We will be downloading country-specific certifications with our internal fetchers so we will need to address some of this. – ebr almost 2 years ago
  • Created:almost 2 years ago

Has anyone used MB Intros for gags? I think having the one you see in theaters – please silence your cell phone and throw away your trash would be hilarious. (Yea I’m easily amused).

  • I had one that said you better turn your damn phone off….. the woman didn’t think it was funny because she knew it was meant for her FB'ing butt lol. – wraslor almost 2 years ago