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Discuss Backdrops Cleanup Tool - just a little heads up

  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Status:open

I’ve put a lot of work into maturing this tool. I know it gets kinda buried in all the posts. I just wanted to let you know that it’s much improved and if you are looking to do some work cleaning up and organizing your backdrops have a look at the new version of the tool. I think you will like it.


  • Thank you! – DemonSeed about 2 years ago
  • If you downloaded this tool prior to 02/08/2012 7:30PM please download again and replace your existing .exe with the new one. A UNC path bugfix is implemented as well as a few other updates. Thanks Koi for helping me get this worked out. tobias. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago

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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Nice tool! However, running into a few glitches. Apparently, it renames the banners folder.jpgs as well as the backdrops. If there are more than 10 backdrops in the folder, then it will always rename the folder.jpg as backdrop10.jpg. Is there a way to have it ignore banners and folder.jpgs for processing? Thanks again for the tool!

  • This is really unfortunate. I’m sorry it is doing that to you. I cannot recreate this problem. Will you make sure you have the latest version of the tool? If you look at the properties of the .exe the Created date should be February 03, 2012, 11:01:04PM. There are big differences between the older version of this tool and the current one. Please let me know. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Hello. I did a little further troubleshooting, and the tool works as expected with local files. However, if used with files stored on the server, then the wackiness happens. The banners and folder.jpgs get turned into backdrops. Hope this helps to troubleshoot! – koi about 2 years ago
  • I just got home and I am looking at the code trying to figure out how this is happening. Will you check back later on here I may have a version of the tool that makes a log file so I can see what’s going on. When you say it happens to files on the server, are you using mapped drives or UNC paths? I cannot figure out what’s going wrong because when I comb through the files in the directory I do a check that the file has to have the word ‘backdrop’ in the name. So at this point in time I can’t explain why you are experiencing this issue. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • No problem… be happy to help. And it is a UNC path, not a mapped drive. – koi about 2 years ago
  • Ok, Thanks. Trying to setup a logfile. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
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