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Wrench XMLTagTweaker tool beta


This tool is not yet complete but the movies portion is workable and functional enough that I believe people will find value in it. I’ve written a quick user guide. I highly recommend reading it before using the tool.

Right now the tool will permit you to clear any xml tag in your movie xml files, or clear nested tags. You can also delete a tag, or nested tags. In addition (as requested) you can insert MediaInfo tags into your xml files that do not have it. You can perform actions on just one movie, or all your movies. The results of each action are logged and can be saved to text file. This tool auto updates and I have plans to add much more to it. As the additions are made you will get them automatically after opening the tool.

Please try the tool out and let me know what you think!

Thanks, tobias-tobin.

Download Installer

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  • If you downloaded and installed this tool last night 02/13/2012 between 1AM and now 7:25AM please uninstall it and redownload and install it. I made a change to the updater. If you don’t uninstall and install the new version you will not get updates. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Ok, issue with the updater is fixed as of 02/13/2012 7:50AM EST. If you installed this tool prior to this time uninstall it and reinstall. Sorry about that…You’ll know the updater is working right if you open it and it says there is an update and after it updates, on the settings tab in the Help and More Info box, there will be a link to the Media Browser Community Tracker. If you get that then you are good. If you use this today I’d really appreciate feedback. Suggestions, Likes, Dislikes, Requests, Bugs, anything… – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • I was up until 3am working on this and then got up for work at 5am. I think there at the end I was too tired :) – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Tobiastobin, can you add a list of new features when releasing betas?? It would be nice to see whats been changed/added/improved. – xzener about 2 years ago

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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Alright folks, throw this dog a bone. Somebody say something. If nobody is using this stuff I’m going to stop development. No sense in wasting time on something nobody needs. I need to know what I am doing right, what I am doing wrong, what direction I should take things. Hell, with metabrowser 2 is this tool even needed?

I’m willing to bet not a single person is using this. I’m putting hours into something pointless. I had plans to add a lot to it but again, if you all let me know that this tool is obsolete i can scrap it and get to bed on time :)

Next step was to add TV support (ie: series.xml editing). Then I was going to add a substitution/value clearing aspect where you could pick a node and see all the values that exist for that node (tag) in your xml and then make changes, keep the same, or clear. Basically like my old Genre tool but being able to do more than just genres. But then again, if nobody is using this then save me the time by letting me know so I can close down the project.

Since the downloads are pulling straight from dropbox I have no way of tracking numbers. So I’m pretty much in the dark. I wrote this tool based on a request posted on my TinyTools thread, but that post was from a year ago. So maybe I’m just way too late to the game.

Peace, tobias.

  • Its brilliant thanks. – chip about 2 years ago
  • Hey Tobias, I’ll take a look at this tonight, only just seen it. – Syztemlord about 2 years ago
  • Thanks guys. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Tobias. Your work is not pointless. I know sometimes you might feel like you are repeatedly entering the series of numbers as in Lost. But look what happened when they stopped doing that! Don’t stop dude. Don’t stop! :–) – leedavies about 2 years ago
  • hehe. thanks. I’m kind of excited about this tool. It seems like it could be really cool. And like I said, I’d like to add the ability to select a node, say /Title/MPAARating and you click a button and a new window comes up that lists all unique values found in your xml for MPAARating. And then there would be a second column where you could say replace valueA with valueB. Update. So if you wanted to change MPAARating PG-13 to PG you could with this aspect of the tool. I know the above example may not be realistic but you get the point. The same would work for genres which I know a lot of people want control over. It could list each unique genre value that exists in your xml files and then you could change all instances of ‘Sci-Fi’ to ‘Science Fiction’. Or, you could blank out the value in the second column and ‘Sci-Fi’ would just be eliminated from your genre types. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

This is fantastic – particularly for situations where my movie collection started off in MKV format and all my movie.xml files show info for the tracks in those files. But I’m midway through a full migration over to M2TS files instead, as MKV seems to buggy/badly perorming on the Xbox extender.

Before this tool came along, converting a movie from MKV to M2TS meant remuxing the MKV file either manually using TSMuxerGUI or in batch mode using MKV2M2TSPro. But the mediainfo in the movie.xml file still referenced the now-retired MKV file.

I had to either manually edit each XML file in turn and remove the mediainfo section by hand, or use the MetaBrowser UI to clear the data on its MediaInfo tab. Neither was ideal.

This tool nicely solves the problem!!!

Great work!

  • Excellent. Glad to hear it. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Why would a deleting items, pictures and running a refresh of your collection from the MB Service not solve this, has always for me, but then I store locally all my meta data. – One2Go about 2 years ago
  • I was contemplating something about mediainfo. I’m not positive I can do it but I might be able to employ the mediainfo.dll and tell it to process your movies and fill in the mediainfo tags. Would that be something you would want? Or should we leave that to another tool to do? – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • That is a big job tobias as there are many keys that convert the values outputed by mediainfo.dll to a slightly different format for use by mediabrowser. The way to do it is to re-use the code and dictionaries found in mediainfodata.cs and in MovieProviderFromXml.cs or LocalEpisodeProvider.cs as this is where all the keys and subsequent fixes for rare values are found. It would of course be totally amazing if you could do it though and all the code you need for it to work exactly as the mediainfo plugin does now can be found in those places and in mediainfoprovider.cs itself. – chip about 2 years ago
  • Well chip, it’s not something I am dying to incorporate. If there is a better way or easier way to accomplish the same goal, I’d prefer users do that. Your right, it would be a big job and I’m already bogged down enough in this tool. So if it would be like ‘the coolest thing ever’ then I could work on it. Otherwise, maybe I should just leave that part out. I’ve never messed with the mediainfo libraries. And you are saying they are .cs whereas I’m writing in – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

The whole XML file editing is for advanced users, so that limits any feed back right away from the start. For me the TAG editing in the XML files is valuable as I do customize all my meta data and collections.

What would be very helpful is to know what TAGs are exposed for FOLDER.XML as well as for SERIES.XML files as I constantly edit them. Most of my editing is with FOLDER.XML files for collections that are a series but not a season. That would be something I definitely would use. ATM I am using MCM to get the basic information and then tweak it, studios & actors plus whatever else is incorrect or does not aptly describe the content.

  • Ok. I only have my home setup to work with so I need to let you know that I have no instances of folder.xml. So for starters, I need you to send me a copy of an example folder.xml file. Can you please send it to me at Next, so I understand this better, folder.xml exists at the root of the tv show? Does it also exist in any of the season folders? Or just the root of the tv show? Regarding series.xml I have a question I need help with. In my collection, at the root of a tv show I have a series.xml that has valuable information in it. But then, some of my seasons folders also have a series.xml but there is basically nothing in these files. When I do the TV Shows part, should I only grab the series.xml file from the root of the tv show or should I also include the series.xml files in the seasons folders? I’m not sure what creates the season level series.xml files. I don’t have them for all of my shows. And I just started a new tv shows folder on one of my drivers where I am adding new stuff. None of these shows have a series.xml file in the seasons folders. So maybe it was an older version of metabrowser that created the season level series.xml files? Or I did play around with MCM, maybe it created them? Like I said, there is basically no information in these files. But for others, maybe there is information in them. So I don’t know whether I should include them or not. Finally, when you say folder.xml is it actually called folder.xml or is it %foldername%.xml? I will need a copy of a folder.xml file to include editing it in the tool so if you can get me a copy that would be great. I might have to do something on the TV Shows tab where there are checkboxes and you choose whether you want to see folder.xml files or series.xml files. Would that be ok? – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Also, I agree this is an advanced users type tool. I worry a bit that people might not understand fully how it works and wind up screwing up the xml files. For example, what if you accidentally click the wrong thing and choose to clear it or delete it? Now it is gone from your xml and you are bummed because of the blunder you just made. So another question I had is should I incorporate a backup/restore functionality? And then how would it work? What I mean is, let’s say you open the tool and choose to clear the values for MPAARating. The tool could say ‘he is going to make a change so first make a backup of his xml file, and then make the change. So we would have a movie.xml.bak file (for example). The question is, now let’s say you run the tool again, and this time you blank out /Title/Tagline. Do I overwrite the existing backup file with a new one? The problem there is you’ve lost the ability to do a restore that included your first change (MPAARating). Because the backup file gets created from the existing movie.xml file which has already had the MPAARating cleared. I don’t see that as being ideal. So another approach I could take is when you make your first change a backup file is created. Then when you make your second change, the program looks and sees that a backup file already exists so it leaves it alone. Then if you do a restore, you will rollback to before ANY changes were made. That will either be a good thing, or be a frustrating thing because now you will have to go through and repeat all of the changes you made since you started making changes. Any thoughts on the best approach? Full restore or 'as of last change’ restore? This topic is open for discussion. I’m interested to here what any of you think about this. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Thank you to all of you that have responded to my request for feedback. It is helpful. Thanks! tobias.

  • Created:about 2 years ago

As far as backup files go the way I would do it is :

When a backup is made the current date/time is taken and this becomes the filename. Then, when a restore is required, the user can be presented with a list of backups that are available.

If possible allowing the user to add a description of the backup could be handy too, so they know exactly what state the file was in when it was made.

For ease of use the descriptions could be stored in a single file say BackupDesc.txt or such to make it easier to recall later, 1st backup is line 1, 2nd is line 2 etc.

  • Ok. Basically both you and One2Go are saying incremental backups. I shall look into it. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • I have some thinking to do. Some people are going to be doing ‘per movie’ edits, while other edits will be against the entire collection. So I will have to I guess make a ‘do you want to restore for a movie, or do you want to restore for all movies’, and then do a ‘choose a restore’. And yes, it would be really nice to have a xml file or something that records descriptive information about the different restores. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • I did some work on this last night. I can see how you will easily get a lot to even tons of backup files in your movie folder directory. So I created a subfolder called XMLBackups and I can put them all in there. That will keep your movie folder clean. Anybody see any problem with that? Also, the way I have it now, what it does is takes a timestamp and renames the file to movie.2-14-2012-10-36-PM. Then I create a text file with the same name as the timestamp. 2-14-2012-10-36-PM.txt and put them both in the xmlbackups directory. Inside the text file is autogenerated text that say something like ‘this backup was generated before clearing the … node for so and so movie, or all selected movies. I could then make a restore form that checks all the text files and shows the description and you could pick the file and choose restore and it would then sweep through and where ever the backup exists it would overwrite the existing movie.xml. In other tools all i did is on your first run I just made a xml.bak file and left it at that. Then if you chose restore that file overwrote your existing xml file and took you back to where you started. This incremental is nice but I could see how it will get messy. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Before I proceed with this anymore does anyone envision any issues with creating a XMLBackups directory in each video folder? I don’t want to ‘screw things up’. At the same time, I don’t want people opening their movie folders and seeing 10 txt files and 10 movie.xxxxxxx backup files. It’s just clutter. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Maybe keep the backups in the root folder of the app itself ? – Maleficarum about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Just to chime in about the folder.xml. This is for content that basically doesn’t fit into the TV or Movie scheme as well as a way to do boxsets. Back to The Future is the folder in it are BTF 1, 2 & 3. Now the BTF 1, 2 & 3 have their individual movie.xml files but what do you put into the folder has these 3 folders in it? I put a Folder.xml file in this. If you search for Folder.xml on the site you will find plenty of references to it.

In addition I have a BBC folder that contains TV Shows, Documentaries and other Series'. Here is what the folder.xml file contains.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
● Dan Cruickshank's Advnentures in Architecture
● Russia - A Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby
● Darwin's Dangerous Idea         ● Planet Earth
● Empire of the Seas               ● Indian Food Made Easy
● Last Days of Lehman Brothers       ● Lost Cities of the Ancients
● Michael Palin's New Europe       ● Nuclear Secrets
● Panorama - Daylight Robbery     ● Paul Merton in India
● Star of Bethlehem                 ● The First World War from Above
● The Thirties in Colour           ● Frozen Planet


As far as worrying about deleting or wiping out XML file data, why don’t you do an incremental backup of the xml file when data has changed. Like create a movie.bak0.xml if that one exists increment the number after bak0 to bak1 etc. That way quick and easy restoring is possible, after all it is for advanced users and they know how to do this.

  • I will check out the site for folder.xml to learn more about it. Looking at your example, I don’t see what you would want to clear in the file. Your choices are basically the name and the description. I wouldn’t think you would want to clear or delete either. How do you envision using the tool with your folder.xml files? Your help is appreciated. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Maybe it’s just me but I’m only really seeing one article talking about folder.xml. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • I guess the most beneficial thing you can do for me is just describe what you would like to be able to do with the folder.xml files. We can go from there. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • This is the thread that may help. Using a folder.xml with Mediabrowser As you can see that maybe in the near future the boxset issue will be implemented and then the folder.xml will do the same as the movie.xml. At this time maybe only the description tag is exposed. I would like to know if there are any other tags exposed from the folder.xml. AEBR said that Genre is not. – One2Go about 2 years ago
  • Will the folder.xml file only exist for movies? Or is it also used with TV shows? From what I understand it is just with movie boxsets but I wanted to confirm before coding. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Fantastic idea. Do it. Do it!

  • Created:about 2 years ago

Great tool Tobias, be interesting to see where you take it :–)

  • As far as where I take it, what do you envision for direction? I have my own ideas but I’m curious to hear what users think. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks, tobias. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Modified:about 2 years ago

XMLTagTweaker Update Released

This will be short because I have to go to bed but…

1) TV Show support is added, as in, series.xml files can be manipulated in the same way as you can with movies. Add TV Show folders on the Settings tab.

2) On the settings tab you can choose to make backups of your xml files prior to changes being made to them. There is now a tab for doing restores from backups. Backups have a time stamp and should be listed chronologically with the oldest first.

3) You can also selectively delete backups or delete all backups

That’s the big stuff. Please test it out and let me know how it goes.

To get the update just open the program and it should auto update. If not, let me know. Also, I haven’t had time to update the user guide with information about using the stuff I’ve added.

Thanks, tobias.

  • Anyone tried out the updated version? Done any series.xml edits or done any restores of changes made? – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

Tobiastobin, this tool is amazing. Although I forgot to click “don’t” save an xmlbackup. How do I go about deleting all the backup folders?? I’d hate to do it manually, that could take some time.

  • I have the answer for you…But it requires that I give a version of the tool that SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANYTHING ELSE :) Just use it to clean up the xmlbackups. Yes, I too have learned that is not going to work. But the current version of the tool I have will clean those up for you. I’m totally serious here, you will see cool stuff in this tool and it may even work, but believe me it is not done and you should not use this version of the tool for anything but getting rid of the xmlbackups folders. Ok? Besides, even if you are foolish and use the stuff I’ve added you’ll just wind up with more xmlbackups folders. So yeah I’ve got to find a better solution for the xml backups. I’m very much aware. Here is how you use it. I will give you a download for the exe. Fire it up, make sure you add your movie and tv folders, click the XML File Restore tab, checkmark the box ‘Enabled deleting options’ (yes typo in the program), and you will get two new buttons. In the pulldown pick what you want to clean up Movies or TV Shows and then click the second button ‘Delete all restore points’ and it will get rid of all of those folders for either Movies or TV Shows. Whatever you have selected in the pulldown. Here’s your download (don’t use anything else in the tool). about 2 years ago
  • Oh and very sorry for the delay I’ve had the flu. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • Shoot I just looked at my notes for the previous release and I had already built in the delete all backups it looks like. So you probably had the ability all along. Show delete options and click the second button. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • xzener, we good on the xmlbackups cleanup? I’ve found that if i set the folder to hidden it doesn’t show up in MB and I can keep using this structure. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
  • I manually deleted them after posting that… I’m just glad I tested it on my Blurays. ;) – xzener about 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Modified:about 2 years ago

There is now a beta 2 version with added features:

Either download and install using the link in the first post, or if you have it already, it will update the next time you run it.

Thanks, tobias.