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Question Can I hide a folder from Media Browser?

  • Created:about 2 years ago
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I have a situation. I’m developing ‘the mother of all xml editing tools’ and people wanted incremental backups. To keep things somewhat simple I want to keep the backup xml files with the movie/tv show folders. So I thought I would create a folder at the directory where the user was doing the xml editing called XMLBackups. In my program this all works well, people can choose to restore a particular backup and my program will scan all the XMLBackup directories for that version of backup and restore it. The problem is Media Browser sees this folder and shows it. I noticed when I was in TV Shows and went into a season and there appeared an XMLBackups folder in with my seasons.

So, is there a way I can have Media Browser ignore the XMLBackups folder? If I set its attributes to hidden will that work (I’m at work I cannot test now). Or am I going to have to come up with a whole new scheme?

If I have to come up with a whole new scheme does anyone have any bright ideas? You cannot just say something like ‘keep all the backups in the application directory’. It is not that simple. I lose the association. I don’t know which backup file goes with which Movie or TV Show. By keeping things in the same directory I keep the association and things are simple. I just cannot figure out a way to remove the backups from the associated folders without creating a nightmare for myself trying to keep track of what goes where.

So, ideally, if I can hide the XMLBackups directory from Media Browser that would be very very ideal.

Thanks, tobias.

  • And I know that I can keep the backup files right in the directory they are working, I just wanted to be nice and not clutter up their folder. If they use my tool and make a lot of changes that will put a lot of extra files in the directory. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago

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Hi, I think I might have my answer. I remoted into my home media center and took one of the offending XMLBackups folders and made it hidden. When I went back to the TV show list of seasons it was no longer there. Anyone want to confirm this for me? Hiding the folder will prevent MB from displaying it? Thanks, tobias.

  • I don’t use TV or boxsets, or I’d check. But something that might be useful is a feature in MB to make folders prefaced by a certain special character hidden, like folders that start with an underscore. That would make them easier to work with in the file system for normal maintenance activities. – Tradetek about 2 years ago
  • I’ve not tried that folder in particular but in the past I have created folders as place-holders and set them to hidden so that they would appear in Windows but not in MB. – Maleficarum about 2 years ago
  • Thanks all. I just did a test. I set all of my Simpsons seasons to hidden and then went into MB and when I went to the Simpsons they were all gone and the number was 0. So I’m guessing hiding the folder should do it. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
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easy peasy.. have your prog/script make .ignore files in the other folder…

fatal’s got metaB doing this for me so that this extrafanart folder (an xbmc thing) doesnt show on all my tv shows when im in Mediabrowser… its a hidden file but i turned on view hidden for the screenshot below

alt text

  • Great tip. Thank you!!! – tobiastobin about 2 years ago
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You might need to give an example of the tree that you are looking at, but I would expect to see a structure like this for my movies:

 Blade Runner

Is this what you are using? If not, I’d expect this scheme to not show the backup folder for at least movies, but with boxsets and season based tv shows, it might not behave the same…

  • Correct. The folder does not appear for movies, just tv show seasons if you edit the root series.xml file. It creates the XMLBackups folder along side all the Seasons folders. Then in MB, when you go to the show, and look at your seasons you’ll see the XMLBackups folder. But see my comment below. It looks like making the folder hidden prevents MB from showing it – which would work nicely. I hope I am not mistaken. Thank you for your comment. tobias. – tobiastobin about 2 years ago