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Question Invalid Root Item

  • Created:almost 2 years ago
  • Status:resolved

I have followed the example on how to set up folders but I still get this error “Invalid Root Item” when I launch Media Browser. This is an example of the path I have: K:\Movies\Rio (2011)\Rio.mkv. That’s all that is in it. I’ve even changed drives etc.


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  • Created:almost 2 years ago
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Good day,

In the mb settings, under the “media option” tab, select the box:

“Auto enter single folder items”

My best

  • Created:almost 2 years ago

Due to the way MB resolves movies in the file system it does not handle collections of only one or two items very well. If you add some more movies it should work better.

  • Created:almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the quick response. “Auto enter single folder items” fixed it. It’s under the display/playback tab though and not the media tab.

  • You are most welcome. Please accept the answer so this thread could be close as solved one. – abobader almost 2 years ago