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The Media Browser community has some skilled graphic artists that have contributed all kinds of custom fan art.

With collections from quite a few talented community members already available, the choices vary from backdrops, genre icons, EHS Initial icons, Year icons. There are also entire collections of custom Movie Case icons, TV Series icons, Movie Boxset Collection icons and collections of Actor images.

There are currently 2 places within the Media Browser community where you can find artwork:

1) Here in our very own Fan Art Section on the Community Tracker.

2) has a large categorized collection from many artists.

Also, Jon has been so kind to act as a file host for Packages created by the community. See this Blog post to learn more
Jon also manages a community project called the “Collaborative ImagesByName Project” or CIP over at his website at
See this post to learn more: ImagesByName People Project

All of the icon Packages he is already hosting from his site can be found here:

Another good place to check out is the Fan art section on the Media Browser forums. You can find lots of information and artwork there, that might not be on the CIP.

There’s also some tools floating around created by our community members, that can ease the pain in fetching artwork. You can find them in our Tools Section.

List of places to find Music, Movie, TV and Game Fanart

Music Album Covers and Backdrops

Albumart Exchange High resolution album covers, up to 1500x1500
Albumart CD covers
AllCDCovers CD covers
Seek a Cover CD covers
Sleevage CD covers
SlothRadio CD/Album Cover Art Search
Wallpaperbase Music wallpapers
Wallpaperist Music wallpapers or Wallpaperist People Wallpapers
WallpaperPimperMusic wallpapers

Download Music Art app
Download OnlineCoverSearch. (Searches Amazon sites, gives good results)

Movie Covers, Posters, and Backdrops

AllCDCovers DVD covers Movie covers, posters (You need to have an account with credits to download)
Seek a Cover DVD covers
Sleevage DVD covers
SlothRadio DVD Cover Search Movie posters/backdrops
The Movie Picture Database (MoviePictureDB) Movie stills (You need to have an account with credits to download)
Wallpaperist Movie wallpapers
Wallpaperpimper Movie wallpapers
Wrong Side of the Art Horror, Sci-fi, cult, trash, B-movie posters

Download i-Covers, a free search engine for movie covers and posters. (this program is French, results may vary.)

TV Series Fanart (UK site – TV Series fanart)
TheTVdb TV Series posters, backdrops and banners
Wallpaperist TV wallpapers

Games Fanart

AllCDcovers Games covers Game fanart, banners, boxart
SlothRadio Video Game Cover Search
Wallpaperist Games

Google Alternatives

Use terms such as album, cover, wallpaper in search, eg ‘Beatles Wallpaper’


Resizing and cropping Desktop Wallpaper to the standard HD backdrop dimensions of 1280px X 720px or 1920px X 1080px is another way to get backdrops.

Note: Most of the fan art available, needs to be placed in the correct ImagesByName folder. More details about the IBN folder can be found here: What is the ImagesByName folder and how does it work?.

Other sets of icons can be used by setting them up in the configuration wizard as EHS (Enhanced Home Screen) icons.
You can do this by opening the config tool, highlight your media collection on the left then click change image on the right side.
Once that is set your custom icon will be displayed in the square placeholder box that is on the start up Home screen.

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