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Start using Media Browser in minutes with this Quickstart Guide!

If you are setting up Media Browser for the first time just to try it out on a small collection, please make sure you have at least 3 movie folders or a tv series with at least 3 episodes in a season folder.

Or be sure you uncheck “Treat Multiple Files as a Single Movie” or “Auto Enter Single Folder Items” in the configuration menu.

If you do not do this no media will be shown in Media Browser.

  • Verify the System Requirements
  • Download the Media Browser Setup
  • Launch the setup programs and install Media Browser by following the onscreen instructions
  • Start the Media Browser Configurator from the final setup page (leave “configure initial settings” checked) or from the start menu (start > All Programs > Media Browser > Media Browser Configurator)

  • In the Configurator, add a Media Collection. On the Media Collection tab, Click the Add button and browse to your folder containing your movies. (For Example: D:\Movies)

  • Exit the Configurator and Launch Windows Media Center (Start > All Programs > Windows Media Center)
  • Navigate to the “Media Browser” start menu strip in Windows Media Center and launch Media Browser

  • Configure the “assume watched if older than” setting in the first-run dialog window according to your needs and leave the other settings as they are (Allow Internet Based Providers enabled, Automatic updates enabled). Press “Continue” and follow the onscreen instruction.

  • After restarting Media Browser, on the initial screen (called “Enhanced Home Screen”) you will see your Media Collection “Movies”. You can enter this collection with your mouse, keyboard or remote. Metadata like movie descriptions and artwork for this collection will now be automatically downloaded. This can take a minute depending on the number of movies in it. (The screenshot below shows a dummy Media Collection that already has retrieved metadata and artwork)
  • The list of movies shown above the Movies Media Collection are recently added items. It is not a complete list of all your movies. You will need to enter the Media Collection to see all media inside it.

Enjoy Media Browser!

Important Notes:

  • Media Browser does not actually playback your media. Playback is done by Windows Media Center. You will need proper codecs for the media to play.
  • If Windows Media Center cannot playback the media, then it will not playback in Media Browser either.
  • A good starting point for codecs are the third party Shark007 Codec Packages


  • There are several known issues and solutions in case you run into trouble during or after installation. Have a look here and here.
  • Although it’s possible to have all your media files in a single folder, it is recommended to have each in a subfolder. If you have problems with metadata retrieval by Media Browser, have a look at this knowledgebase topic.

Further Usage and Customization

Media Browser offers a lot of customization. This includes:

To gain more knowledge of all possibilities, a good starting point is our Knowledgebase. There you can find topics about various aspects of Media Browser.
It will help you on your way and answer most of your questions.

If you have additional questions, feel free to post them.

We hope you will enjoy Media Browser!

  • The Media Browser Team

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