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Feature Information on when the next episode of a TV seasons will be.

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I would love to see information on when the next episode of a TV season.

I believe the information is available from the tvdb so maybe a the episode that hasn’t been aired could be a different colour or labled ‘coming soon’.

Sorry my English seems awful today.

thanks for the hard work.

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  • Created:about 4 years ago

Yerp I like this idea, but it is a fair amount of work. Probably best in a plugin first.

  • thanks – mattp about 4 years ago
  • this should be classified as a plugin-request now. is it ok if I do that if I encounter topics like this where you specify it? – birkoff almost 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago

What kind of information, is just the air dates. I have found this website where it show the next episode and air date, does not five any information, but you can select the tv shows that you watch and create a rss feed