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  • Created:9 months ago
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Mediabrowser for Roku Public Beta Client is now available: Roku Client

So if you have a Roku and are interested in helping to test it out, follow the link and add the channel. If any problems occur while running it, please post them below in this thread. Thanks.

Now TV Users

Please read this guide by CBers on how to side-load the channel: Now TV Guide

Here is a link to the latest version of the channel for side-loading: MB Roku Zip – v1.15

Last Updated: Sept. 17, 2013; Current Version: 1.15

Change Log

  • 1.15 – New Theme; Added popup bubble; Added dynamic loading for speed improvement; Bug fixes;
  • 1.14 – Bug fixes; Speed improvements;
  • 1.13 – Added music genres; Bug fixes; Added theme music preferences;
  • 1.12 – Added theme music to TV browsing; Fixed bug with video playback on latest server;
  • 1.11 – Added music; Bug fixes; Added Next Episodes to watch for TV; Added display toggle on home screen to toggle between resume, latest and favorite items;
  • 1.10 – Fixed problem with server requesting multiple streams; Added new video quality preference; Added new jump to letter feature for movies and tv;
  • 1.9 – Added additional button commands; Fixed problem with chapter selection in movies; Added more info screen while video is playing
  • 1.8 – Switched to HLS; Fixed problem with direct play offset; Added FF/RW for direct play; Added display preferences
  • 1.7 – Added custom video player; Added support for TV chapters
  • 1.6 – Added support for Movie Box Sets; Added support for Movie chapters
  • 1.5 – Added Genres support for TV/Movies
  • 1.4 – Added prev/next navigation to episode level; Added password checks for profiles; Hide sections that have no items
  • 1.3 – Saves playstate to server; Added support for DVD/Bluray folder rips, ISO playback; Added prev/next navigation from detail screen on movies; Checks in activity with server
  • 1.2 – Added Save User / Switch User Ability; Added Play/Resume from server
  • 1.1 – Added Video Playback for mkv, mp4, avi
  • 1.0 – Initial Browsing

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  • Created:9 months ago
  • Modified:7 months ago

Here are some screenshots of the latest version (1.15).

alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

  • This looks very clean, I’m hoping to snag a Roku soon. Screenshots are like crack, its motivation to spend money. :P – BAS 9 months ago
  • :O <—– Jaw just hit the floor!! – xzener 7 months ago
  • Looks fantastic!! Need to get these on facebook/twitter. – BAS 7 months ago
  • Feel free. I don’t have an account on either of those things. – gcw07 7 months ago
  • Haha! I rarely get on Facebook and don’t have Twitter either… We need to get with the times GCW. – xzener 7 months ago
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  • Created:9 months ago

Fantastic. Well done.

  • Created:9 months ago

Well done gcw07, great work.

How do you get the screen-shots from the Roku?

  • Created:9 months ago

Well done! Great work indeed.

  • Created:9 months ago


People who already have roku app do we need to remove the older verion and re add new one

Great Job

  • No, the next time your Roku calls into home, it will update to 1.13. Or you can force a connection at any point within Settings->System Update – gcw07 9 months ago
  • Thanks – jacklynee 9 months ago
  • Created:9 months ago
  • Created:9 months ago

Very well done, Looks beautiful! Will test it out with my Roku 2 LT.

  • Created:9 months ago


removed roku chanel and then add the Current Version: 1.13 and still same issue Did not modify the rating in the big bang theroy or dexter

Roku goes back to home page of chanels as it enter tv show series

Just fyi


  • ok i added custom rating TV-G13 from the list but still same issue – jacklynee 9 months ago
  • it from the drop down list – jacklynee 9 months ago
  • Is that a valid rating? My TBBT is rated as TV-PG. – CBers 9 months ago
  • i also change it to TV-PG which was defult – jacklynee 9 months ago
  • i have feeling the issue is somethinge else it is not the clients mbc or roku or iphone dashboard i just dont know where between server and client brake down is – jacklynee 9 months ago
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  • Created:9 months ago

Long time Roku users may be used to opening a video and “fast-forwarding” to the point they want to go to. That is not the case with MB3. You can simply go to the chapters view and (provided that you are generating chapter screengrabs on the server) you can actually get a visual preview of the part you want to jump to in five minute increments. As far as I know, neither Plex nor MyMedia does anything like this. Something worth bringing up for the invariable “how does this compare to Plex?” questions.

  • Yeah and FF/RW will eventually work with transcoded files. It just is a lot more difficult because you basically have to start a new stream up everytime you FF/RW – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

Looking good. Just ordered the Sky Now TV box, so have to wait a few days for delivery, before I can test this out

  • Created:8 months ago


I just bought: Roku 2 XS Digital Full 1080p HD Media Streamer with 6-Ft HDMI Cable for 49.99 USD from NewEgg as replacemnet for my second PC

I guess no more HTPC for me only Media server with MB3 and Roku 2XS

If you guys like it you can get too USA Customers at newegg

Hope this helps


  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

I would like to see a quick video of Roku with MB3 in action during navigation and playing a 1080p movie? I would help convincing me to try one.

If someone with a roku and MB3 setup could post a quick one, I would appreciate…


  • how can a webcam or phone camera show 1080p ? no matter what roku will play after uploading a small video in youtube the resloutions wont be 1080p so you will not see true 1080p – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • we can make a video of roku playing mkv 12gb file from mb3 or roku play diffrent formats as roku in action – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • FYI i dont have problem playing 1080p in my roku 2 XS as movie or tv show like dexter or braking bad – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • here is small video i made about roku in general not movie::: 8 months ago
  • Here is second video of ROKU in Action … – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

Just grabbed a NowTV box and I’ll be testing as soon as it arrives.

  • Has it arrived yet? – CBers 8 months ago
  • no still waiting. 5 business days delivery my bum. – vileboy 8 months ago
  • Strange, as mine only took 3 days – ordered on Sunday, arrived on Wednesday. Have you had your email confirmation ?? – CBers 8 months ago
  • yep, with a tracking number that helpfully tells me that royal mail are processing it. – vileboy 8 months ago
  • They seem to be the bottleneck. Let us know when it arrives. – CBers 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago

Great work on yet another MB3 client available to the public! :)

Could I just confirm, this is a streaming client and not a playing client? By playing client I mean like MBC on WMC or MBT.

Are there any devices that will have clients which will play the content without streaming and thus putting less CPU load on the server itself?

  • As far as I know, the Roku is merely a streaming device, so there has to be some sort of server for it to get content from. Hopefully, there will eventually be a way to set up MB3 on something like an NAS server so that your CPU is free to do other things. – Toonguy 8 months ago
  • All of the clients have a limited set of video containers and formats that they can handle natively. When this happens the server is bypassed and the content is played directly over the network. For Roku that’s mp4 only. – luke 8 months ago
  • Thanks for the responses guys. As One2Go aludes below I should have been more specific, I was referring to transcoding as “streaming”. – MrFlibbles 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

The content will have to be file served no matter what client you use, but do you mean transcoding the content, because the Roku has very limited native content format a transcoding has to take place on the server which requires horse power. Another alternative is a different device like the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player which plays almost all content without transcoding.

  • Cheers One2Go. It is native (non-transcoded) handling of the files I was interested in. – MrFlibbles 8 months ago
  • WD TV Live Streaming Media Player handles all files that I throw at it video and audio wise including VC-1 video encodes and DTS-MA audio. Unfortunately as already mentioned someone has to create an app for this to be used with MB3, but you can use it to just scan the NAS or file server and then use the MOJO theme to get a decent experience of content navigation & playback, however it still is inferior to MB. Other solutions are more expensive, I have the Dune Smart “B1” player that plays back everything including real menus for Blurays and it has several different decent interfaces and themes, but I paid $395 for that toy. – One2Go 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

Sorry to hi-jack the thread a bit, but would oher WD devices, such as WD TV Play 1080p Media Player with Wi-Fi (WDBMBA0000NBK-VESN)

support MB3 as well.


  • Someone would need to make an app for that. – luke 8 months ago
  • Thanks for the info and I will try to generate some interest in that. – crashkelly720 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

Running the beta with a Roku XD.

It picked up my server immediately and had no issues logging on.

Occasionally has some issues of slow navigation – close to a minute to get to the movie detail screen after selecting it sometimes.

I get immediately booted out of the app if I try to access the preferences.

The video is overlayed by a weird band of the previous screen at all times during playback as can be seen here: via my SkyDrive

I really like the interface and it fits perfectly with the typical Roku app design.


  • Are you using wireless? I’ll look at the preference screen. Must be a missing variable that is crashing it there. As for the overlay. That overlay appears to be from the home page. What happens if you go into movies section first before trying to play one? – gcw07 8 months ago
  • No, I’m wired all the way. I tried different paths, movie section first, resume items, tv section, etc… I still get the overlay unfortunately – CFC 8 months ago
  • What version of Roku software is it running? Just wondering if maybe it is something with that. If it is wired, it should be faster then a minute to load the page. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • It works fine and fast if I browse through the movie/tv section. It’s slow, if I try to go to the details of a resumable movie/show. I’m running the latest software for the gen 1 Roku (which probably won’t get updated anymore) – version 3.1, build 1182 – CFC 8 months ago
  • Unfortunately, I’ve noticed the same thing with the 1st gen Roku XD. It seems to have started with build 1.8. GCW, is it at all possible to detect the hardware and adjust accordingly? – Toonguy 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago


so any plans to add mb roku channel to ROKU Developers forum ?

It seems they have developers who publicly talk about there beta channels and ask people for testing

just a thought

  • Yea, I think Grant plans to announce it over there. – luke 8 months ago
  • Yeah because ever post I open there I kinda talked about MB But no response yet so if it come from developer people will listen – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Yeah, eventually. I just want to work out any more bugs that pop up when we have this larger pool of testers. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • cool thanks – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

Can I ask how the mb3 server address is configured or is the server just found automatically?

I have a pretty good up speed on my fibre and was wondering if i can take a roku box with me and use it to stream mb remotely but i would need to specify my ip/dyndns address manually in order for it to work?

I would imagine streaming shouldn’t be a problem if my net pipe is fat enough and i can specify my external address, right?

  • It is found automatically. While I have never tested outside of a local network, it might work. Basically if you tried outside, it would fail to find the server and allow you to manually enter it. No idea if it would stream properly and what speeds it might be like navigating. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Thanks for that! I’m looking forward to trying this out on my nowtv box when I get home from holiday! Cheers! – radeon 8 months ago
  • radeon: did you try this? If so what address did you use…external or dyndns? – durants 7 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

Any chance that audio track selection will be implemented? Just tried watching a file and its French. Plex can select the audio but won’t play the video file! Lol so I’m stuck.

  • Yes, audio track selection and subtitle support are both on the list of features to be added. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Awesome thanks. – wraslor 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

So does it still transcode even if its playing a supported format? I tested some h.264 .mkv files, which their website says it will support natively (ie can play from USB drive), but when I play them, all 4 cores on my i5-3570K @ 3.4Ghz go to 90+%.

Didn’t realize before buying this roku 2 XS that it would need to transcode everything, should have done more reading first.

  • I know that Roku will play MP4 natively – I’m not sure about other formats. I’m not familiar with the Roku2 XS – does it have an Ethernet port? – Toonguy 8 months ago
  • mkv is only supported natively via a USB drive. When loading from a network it is not supported so it has to be transcoded. I wish they supported it as the ability is in there, but they don’t enable it. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

Hi guys

This is third video in this video you can see the chapter view in Media browser 3 Roku at and video format is at 1080p Mkv file

I still believe a phone cammera cant show true 1080p but i give it a shot

Hope you guys enjoy it !


  • Have you just uploaded it, cos I can’t get it to play ?? – CBers 8 months ago
  • for some reason when i posted this it was done 95% now it stuck and it created 3 chapters of it dam youtube .. no worries i will stay up until it done then i will go to sleep lol – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • LOL I see you don’t get Genre icons being displayed either. Will raise with gcw. – CBers 8 months ago
  • Intersting i did not pay attion to that i thougt that normal thing – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • My guess is that you do not have any genre icons on your server. You can find links to some in the art folder. – Toonguy 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago

@gcw07 – not seeing any GENRE icons being displayed. Should they be ??

See jacklynee’s video above to see what I mean.

  • Thanks CBers – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Just realised I don’t have any images in the GENRE folders under ImagesByName – I thought they got auto-created. OK, where to find Genre images ?? – CBers 8 months ago
  • see that what i thought IBN i dont use genre images because i never created one lol only folder i use is defult IBN and people , general ect but genre folder is empty – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Going to bed keeping webpage open for video to finsh upload it is driving me crazy Thanks – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • You should be able to find some links to collections of genre icons (as well as instructions on how to use them) in the Art Folder on this forum. – Toonguy 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago

thinking about getting a roku LT for the bedroom, since it’s the only TV in the house that’s SD.. Was wondering if anyone was running MB3 on that particular model and what their thoughts were

  • It should, as long as it’s using the latest software. This chart should give you an idea of what the various models do: 8 months ago
  • you could get Roku 2XS for 49.99 instead roku LT , if you are in usa then SamS Club is selling barnd new roku 2XS with one free game and 2 months hulu pls for $49.99 and if you dont have sams club memebership then newegg has it too i bought 2 at that prince also in this fourm post one of the guys put a link of 3rd party roku vendor with good prices too – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • That’s a good deal, as the cheapest in the UK is £80 ($120) !! – CBers 8 months ago
  • @scals37 – the Now TV is a Roku LT re-branded by Sky. Take a look at this guide. – CBers 8 months ago
  • @jacklynee – That’s a good deal, as the cheapest in the UK is £80 ($120) !! – CBers 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago


Mybe i dont understand how ROKU works but would it be possible to have backdrops and background images to show up ?

Also if i created IBN General folder as TV Library would that replace the main roku image in MB3 Roku channel for TV Library ?

Just wondering


  • Unfortunately you can only use a flat color for the backgrounds. So those things are not possible. As for the Library images. Those are views and not collections so there is no server setting to set that image. When collections are added, you will then be able to set your collection images on the server and the Roku will display them. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • cool Thanks – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Created:8 months ago
  • Modified:8 months ago

Hi Gcw07,

Ok so here is little summary i will make a youtube video and post it once it is ready as it is painful process lol

Genera: so i created a genera folder with over 50 folders and matched with General folder as you will see that from youtube video

Off-course i have few extra folders in IBN that i keep extra files in but that should not effect MB3

TV Shows: in Roku Tv Show or Tv series is called TV Library by default so under this folder Genres for TV show which in my last video did not show up but the reality is it only show genres from IBN folder wich is universal folder for all genera’s

I wish there was a way to sprate tvgenera from Movies genera’s

now some section of generas are Action and adventures which is hard to find a image for and you will see what i am talking about in Video

Next is Movies Movies is named movie library by deafult however i notice now i have Box set and indviual movies very cool option love it

as far genera goes same thing unitl we sprate tv from movies it will be hard to get proper organizations


The last part will show a video play back again it is iphone so what you see is not 100% 1080p because between roku and tv is extrem high quality HD video but iphone kills it but it show roku is cabple of playback and it show MB3 is powerfull media streaming software

also you will notice some buffer in boxset and i did not test big bang theroy or dexter yet for Roku crush issue so i will get back to that in some other times

so that all for right now i will post the video once i am done with youtube

Update: So in general and Genre section i created a folder in IBN and named it Children and i put jpg image title folder , i run mb scan media and power off roku and then power back on and then went to MB3 Roku chanel and under Genre Children does not have any image to show

Thanks in advance

  • sorry for miss spell i meant to say Genre Thanks – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • The bug that we were going to test for entering a TV series should have been fixed with 1.13. So nothing needs to be done for testing other then trying to enter one of those series and see if it still crashes. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Genre images will only show up if you restart the MB server. A scan of media folders will not do it. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Thanks – jacklynee 8 months ago
  • Still crush and goes back to roku home page when trying to view the Big Bang theroy – jacklynee 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago

I have installed the latest version of MediaBrowser3 server on Windows 8 PC, have it running, and 1.13 client on the NowTV box. When opening the client, only a text is displayed at the top saying MediaBrowser3. What steps am I missing?

  • Are you adding your media to the MB3 Server via a drive path such as C:, D: etc., rather than UNC paths ?? It should be UNC. – CBers 8 months ago
  • I am using UNC paths and can see it fine from Web Client. Just can’t get to see anything from Now TV client (except MediaBrowser3 header). – krath2009 8 months ago
  • Could you take a screenshot, or a photo, of how the screen looks please. – CBers 8 months ago
  • Are you using parental settings? Such as limiting what a user can see based on rating? – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Here’s how it looks on Now TV: 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago

Just ordered a Roku 3 from Costco last night for the bedroom. Can’t wait to give this a run through.

  • Created:8 months ago

My Blu-Ray ISOs and hidef MKVs don’t play on Roku (but play well on Android and Web Clients). Shouldn’t the server be transcoding them to whatever format Roku needs? All I get is a message saying that this specific file format is not supported yet.

I am also getting some crashes (exiting the app, back to Roku My Channels list) when trying to play a few titles. Is there any way to provide you guys with a log or extra info about those issues?

  • OK, if your getting the message that says they are not yet supported, can you go into the web client and copy the media section so I can see the media information. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • What are the file types your trying to play that is causing it to crash? mkv, mp4, etc. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • Here are examples that return a playback error – Video type not playable yet: Example 1: (WTV file recorded with Media Center, not DRM'ed) Audio:ac3 • eng • 192 kbps • 2 ch • 48000 khz Audio:ac3 • spa • 192 kbps • 2 ch • 48000 khz Video:mpeg2video • Main • Level 8 • 704 • 480 • 4:3 • 3345 kbps • 29.83333 • yuv420p Video:mjpeg • Level -99 • 200 • 136 • 25:17 • 3345 kbps • 90000 • yuvj420p Example 2: Blu-Ray ISO – crashes (all Blu-Ray ISOs are crashing) Video:AVC • 1920 • 1080 • 27708 kbps • 23.97602 Audio:DTS-HD MA • eng • 6 ch • 48000 khz Subtitle:PGS • eng Subtitle:PGS • eng Subtitle:PGS • eng Subtitle:PGS • eng Subtitle:PGS • eng Example 3: M2TS file – playback not supported yet (Blu-Ray ripped from Blu-Ray) Video:h264 • High • Level 41 • 1920 • 1080 • 16:9 • 32522 kbps • 23.97602 • yuv420p Audio:dca • DTS-HD MA • eng • 1536 kbps • 6 ch • 48000 khz Subtitle:pgssub • eng Subtitle:pgssub • eng Subtitle:pgssub • eng – Careca 8 months ago
  • @Careca – what extension does that have please ?? – CBers 8 months ago
  • The previous comment got posted in a hard to read format… Basically: Example 1: WTV file, recorded from WMC with NO DRM. Example 2: ISO file (Blu-Ray rip) – it crashes the application Example 3: M2TS file (Blu-Ray rip) – Careca 8 months ago
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  • Created:8 months ago

So I have mb3 server running on a computer and have installed the mb3 roku app on two roku 3’s that are up to date. When I went to connect for the first time to the server on both roku boxes, it allowed me to select the server, but then kicked me out of the app and it went back to the Roku home screen. Now when I try to open the mb3 app, it goes to the mb3 launch screen for 1-2 seconds, and kicks me back to the home screen. I am not sure what is wrong with my setup, but I was really looking forward to trying this out instead of Plex. Any direction is appreciated, I think what is happening here is awesome and amazing and I look forward to getting my kinks worked out.

  • OK, we have seen this before. Can you try something and see if it corrects it. Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the server. In the past that has fixed that problem, but it isn’t 100%. Let me know if it doesn’t fix it and we can try some other things to get it worked out for you and others. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • SOLVED Uninstall and reinstall worked like a charm. I initially tried to do the simple uninstall without checking the “Remove All Traces” box, and that did not work. But when I did it the second time with a complete uninstall, everything seems to be working well. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it, however if you could work on your response time, I would appreciate it. I mean, seriously, having to wait 8 minutes for a response…come on!!!! -sarcasm hopefully noticed – nvrsmmr 8 months ago
  • Glad it is working for you now. – gcw07 8 months ago
  • I haven’t used Plex in a while so I hope you like MB3 as much as I do. It’s still beta, but as a media server, it’s pretty handy. – Toonguy 8 months ago
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