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Bug 2.2.3 - Poster spacing grid bug.

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I have poster grid spacing is set to 0, In poster view for movies its 0 And the posters does not have spacing But under TV shows there is a big spacing between the posters.

I am using Vista MCE and SQL Support, I have followed this guide first Diagnosing performance issues with Media Browser, And cleared my cache.

If you guys need more info, I am right here ;)

Thanks for your hard work, Tempo

  • I just retested and this is working properly in 2.2.5. Marked as fixed. – birkoff over 3 years ago
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  • Created:about 4 years ago

I have seen this bug as well, I found you have to double/triple click to clear the watched status. Either way this is a bug.

  • Created:about 4 years ago


Thanks for the answer, Did you see the poster grid spacing bug too?

Thanks, Tempo

  • Created:about 4 years ago

@Tempo: it’s best to have a single issue per topic so it’s easier to track. The same issue has been reported here:

Strange Watched Behavior in 2.2.3

  • I think I opened it first, but if you want you can delete mine. – Tempo about 4 years ago
  • I didn’t mean it like that, was just registering what I found. Makes it easier to relate things. Perhaps you can edit your first post to better reflect the other issue you have. – birkoff about 4 years ago
  • Done. I updated the post. – Tempo about 4 years ago