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Question MB isn't remembering my watched status or view options anymore

  • Created:about 4 years ago
  • Modified:about 4 years ago by sam
  • Status:resolved
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I don’t know what is going on with this but MB wasn’t remembering my watched status when i watched some shows. I decided to clear my cache completely and start over. Now, not only does it not remember what i watched, but i have to set my views for each level every time i enter the folder. what happened to cause this? im using the latest build i just compiled last night (1020).


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  • Created:about 4 years ago
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If you had been using SQLite for a while and did not delete the cache.db before upgrading to Pegasus, then that was probably your problem. I did not delete it on one of my systems since it appeared to be working, but then noticed the exact same behavior of it not maintaining display settings or watched status upon exit/re-entry. Deleting the cache.db and then allowing it to be recreated had it working normally again.

  • jon – i think you hit the nail on the head. ever since i turned SQLite off and deleted my cache everything has been smooth and running as expected. – tp546 about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago

Are you sharing them to a network location? Using SQLlite by any chance?

You might also want to check the permissions on the MediaBrowser folder. ebr just completed adding cache purge options to the configurator. It stands to reason that some permissions might have gotten lost.

  • Created:about 4 years ago

i think SQLlite was the problem. i just turned that off and cleared my cache and everything seems to be working as expected now. thanks sinjen.

  • You're welcome and glads it working again. Incidentally, I'm sure Sam would like a bug report on the issue you experienced and as much information as you can gather on how you think it might have occurred. Do you happen to have logging turned on? Maybe there’s something useful in there explaining the error. – sinjen about 4 years ago
  • Sorry…this IS a bug report that you entered (Need icons within the topic SAM!!! :P ) – sinjen about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago

yes, i did the same, delete cache and stop sqlite and all is fine.