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This topic will describe the following:

  • How to set MPC-HC as an external player for a particular file-type
  • Examples
  • Tips & Tricks

Configuring MPC-HC as an external player

See for general info on how to set an external player.

Command Line Parameters:

  • /open = Open file, don’t automatically start playing.
  • /play = Start playing file as soon as player is launched.
  • /close = Close player after playback (only works when used with /play)
  • /fullscreen = Start in full-screen mode
  • /new = Use a new instance of player

Full List: Open Media Player Classic, from the Help Menu select “Command Line Switches”.

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It is not essential to get mediabrowser to add in the parameters to control MPC-HC, with the right setup in MPC-HC you can select these parameters so that they automatically happen when MPC-HC is opened and controlled by it’s own program.

You may ask why would you need to setup MPC-HC as an external player, well, for one you may prefer this to the built-in player within MCE, however I would probably say that most of your BD discs are in .ts or .m2ts formats which do not play natively with the built in player in MCE and Mediabrowser also in the more recent builds MPC-HC has added in the option to change refresh rates.

MPC-HC x86/x64 Latest Builds

Note: Please pay attention to the left hand pane tabs

This is how we suggest you set up MPC-HC to work with Mediabrowser and be able to control MPC-HC via your remote control and control the parameters. Selecting “Always on Top” option should help you maintain MPC-HC’s focus, and select the “Launch Files in Fullscreen”, the rest of the options are down to personal preference on the “Player Page”

mpc options

Refresh Rates

If you wish to add FFDShow or any other decoder as an external filter this can be done in the External Filters Tab by clicking the “Add Filter” Button in the top right. Setting up your external filters configuration can by done by accessing the filters options.

External Filters

Setting up MPC-HC for use with a Remote control

This is simply done by double clicking on the App command column along the line you want to add a command to. I’ve chosen:-
MEDIA PLAY for play.
MEDIA STOP to exit MPC – This will close MPC-HC and bring Mediabrowser back in focus.
MEDIA PAUSE for pause,
MEDIA FASTFWD for slow forward
MEDIA REWIND for slow rewind. Like so…….

remote control

Then finally we will set up Mediabrowser to launch an external player when a .ts or .m2ts file is played. All we need to do is open the MB config wizard from the start menu, click the external player tab and add the correct media type (i.e. TS or M2TS*).Now click the Select Player button and add the location of your MPC exe. No need to enter any parameters as we have done this in MPC-HC options.

  • As of Media Browser 2.2.8 Orion, in previous version TS and M2TS are combined as type TS

MB setup


If for example you would like MPC-HC to start immediately in full screen, close after playing and return to mediabrowser. The parameter would look like this: “{0}” /new /play /fullscreen /close

The parameter /new is added in case an instance of MPC-HC is already opened. If one was already opened mediabrowser isn’t able to start a new one.

Tips & Tricks

Optimizing a Remote for use with MPC-HC as an external player

See this forum topic.

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Configure MPC-HC to behave like Windows Media Center

To map your backspace key to exit MPC-HC, go to View>Options>Player>Keys. Change the “Exit” command modifier to “None” and key to “VK_BACK”. Hit OK and exit MPC-HC.

EDIT: Some have reported you want to map the key to “VKBROWSERBACK”.

MB setup

Logitech Harmony Tips

To Skip forward and backward 5 minutes – map “Jump Forward(large)” and Jump Backward(large)“ to "App Command” MEDIANEXTTRACK and MEDIAPREVIOUSTRACK. This allows the use of next track and previous track buttons on your Harmony. You also need to change small jump distance (under tweaks) to (300000)."


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