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Question Band of Brothers DVD

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What would be the file structure for Band of Brother DVD set. There are six disks with two episodes on each disk. I have these ripped to VIDEO_TS files.

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2 Answers

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accepted answer

Take a look at the Recommended Folder Structure article. Go to the bottom of TV section and you will see an example folder structure for Video_TS DVD rips.\


To really get this to work, unfortunately, I believe you will need to re-rip each episode to its own episode folder as the metadata provider that MB pulls episode information from has each episode listed individually and not by disc. You could either re-rip, or you could name each discs rip the first episode on the disc. For instance, disc one would be named S01E01, disc 2 would be S01E03, etc.

Update 2:

Another possible solution for you might be to use Media Center Master to help grab the metadata for you so that it displays properly. Take look at a similar Topic.



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As far as I know there is only one way to get this to work correctly and that is to rip out each episode individually as Sinjen has stated. Just ripping the dvd itself will make it look like a movie rip. I use makeMKV for all my TV DVD rips and it works very well.