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Bug 2.2.3 watched status indicator isnt working correctly for me

  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago by birkoff
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I saw a bit of info on here about this but I am wondering if there is a fix. All my files show as watched. I completely uninstalled and erased all data and files and folders and reinstalled and it still comes up as watched. I tried everything that I can think of.

Is there a fix? I just want them all to show unwatched.

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  • Created:almost 4 years ago

This is a known issue in the current version and will be fixed in the next release.

The original topic is: Strange Watched Behavior in 2.2.3

This is a duplicate

  • Created:almost 4 years ago

I found the point release posted in there and it worked great. Thanks!

  • You're welcome – birkoff almost 4 years ago