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Bug Cronos Pre-Release dutch translation problems (Solved)

  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago by birkoff
  • Status:wont-fix
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  • Milestone:Cronos
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Running MB with the dutch translation, in the configuration page, general tab, the values of ‘posterraster grote’,‘miniatuur afstand’ and ‘navigatie weergave’ aren’t visible.

Thanx to dmrc who found this problem.

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  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago by birkoff

Fixed with some new translations. When some translations are too long there is not enough space. fixed the <EnableInternetProvidersConfigDesc> string to a shorter translation :)
Feel free to suggest more modifications for the Dutch files :)

New Version_1.0011 is here

  • Created:almost 4 years ago

This will have to be addressed the way you did it. There is no way we can anticipate enough space on the screen for every language :).

  • I know English is some times shorter then other Languages but I did a good comprise I think. – Alwin almost 4 years ago