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JSmit's Collection

Click on Pictures for my Fanart.


This work is made with love for “The MediaBrowser Community”. When you like my work and appreciate my time and effort please consider a donation.

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Anne of Green Gables V1 Anne of Green Gables V2 The Bible Collection (No Disc) The Bible Collection
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Collection Death Wish The Vigilante Collection Wild things Quatrology Dead Zone - The Complete Boxset (No Discs)
Dead Zone The Complete First Season Dead Zone The Complete Second Season Dead Zone The Complete Third Season Dead Zone The Complete Fourth Season
Dead Zone The Complete Fifth Season Dead Zone The Final Season

Diamond & Disk

Diamond & Disk

Anne of Green Gables Dead Zone The Bible - Abraham The Bible - Apocalypse
The Bible - David The Bible - Esther The Bible - Genesis The Bible - Jacob
The Bible - Jeremiah The Bible - Jesus The Bible - Joseph The Bible - Moses
The Bible - Samson & Dilelah The Bible - Solomon The Bible - St. Paul

Blended Boxset Backdrops

Blended Boxset Backdrops

Darko The Substitute The Cell

TV Series Icons

Diamond & Disk

Black Adder Black Adder V2 Farscape Farscape V2
Farscape V3 Father Ted Fawlty Towers Freaks & Geeks
Harvey Birdman Harvey Birdman V2 Haven In Treatment
Kingdom Hospital Malcolm in the middle Red Dwarf Rocko’s Modern Life
Sliders Spaced Stephen King’s Golden Years The Blue Planet
The Dead Zone The Kingdom (Riget) The Mighty Boosh The Mighty Boosh V2
The Thin Blue Line The Thin Blue Line V2 The Thin Blue Line V3 The Young Ones
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Underbelly

Stephen King Collecion

Blended Boxset Backdrops

1408 Apt Pupil Cat’s Eye More Folow soon!!!


Please place your request on The D.I.Y. Requests Topic!!
Your request will then be taken by one of the contributors on the community.

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  • :) Nice – DemonSeed almost 4 years ago
  • very cool! – ezyb123 almost 4 years ago
  • Awesome man. Glad to see some Boxset fans giving back. – BAS almost 4 years ago
  • Thanks dudes, I'm glad you all like it. – Alwin almost 4 years ago
  • Really nice thumbs up :) – Niven almost 4 years ago
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  • Created:almost 4 years ago

Threads looking good J.

Thx for helping me out on my overflowing requests! ;) Much appreciated!

  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago

I start to make a Stephen King Package today :)
Then I'll start to make all my serie icons.

Request for all styles are still welcome :)

  • I've added a new 3D-&-Disk.png to this package. This had a litle more work so be patience all king other movies/series will follow :) – Alwin almost 4 years ago
  • Added some new King Icons – Alwin over 3 years ago