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Question XML and Image Metadata Architecture


Can anyone point me to the xml,image metadata architecture for Media Browser.

questions so far are. 1. What xml and image files are used. 2. should these be hidden? 3. Is it possible for downloaded content to be stored permanently as xml/images (in the content folders, not the db/imagecache).



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Hi ginjaninja,

It all depends on how you want to setup Media Browser.

Internet Providers

  • (1) The built in Internet Providers don’t fetch actor images from TMDb or TVDb, but you can install Jon’s IBN People Provider to fetch the images from his site
  • (2) In this case the images are stored in the cache folder and there is nothing to hide
  • (3) Yes, read on for imagesbyname setup

ImagesByName / Local Metadata

  • (1) Setup an ImagesByName folder and download a people pack (this 15K one for example)
  • (2) People images are stored in IBN, not inside movie folders, so again no need to hide them.
  • (3) the people images are stored in IBN, but additional metadata can be retrieved and stored locally with a third party fetcher like Metabrowser or Media Center Master. Those tools will fetch the metadata from various sources and store it in the required places for you. They also allow you to do manual searches and edit the metadata if you want
  • I'm not stalking you honest :) – skynet600 over 3 years ago
  • So thanks for answers so far, what i am particularly interested in in series.xml, mymovies.xml, episode xmls, folder.jpgs and backdrop.jpgs. some metadata downloaders download these as hidden and others not. Hidden is meaningful for movie files perhaps ignored for metadata. – ginjaninja over 3 years ago
  • ow you mean hiding those files. it’s no problem to do that, but I personally rather see everything that’s in the physical folder structure so it’s easier to pinpoint possible issues. if you hide the metadata you might later on wonder why a certain folder is behaving differently as opposed to others. – birkoff over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

The only way you can achieve #3 is to use a 3rd party metadata provider. For #1 MB uses TVDB and TMDB for all data inc. images assuming you are using internet providers. These are not hidden files.

Useful links:

The benefits of storing metadata locally

How to use a third party tool to grab metadata

What is the recommended folder structure for media collection...

  • So apart from IBN people data with plugin, downloaded data is not stored ‘offline’ in content folders, shame but now i know. – ginjaninja over 3 years ago
  • It is cached yes but not stored – skynet600 over 3 years ago