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Discuss Guide: Setting up Media Control


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What is Media Control?

Media Control is a plugin for Microsoft Media Center that adds lacking features such as : fast forward/rewind for any video format, resume video, switch between audio/subtitles streams, sets brightness/contrast, improves picture quality and many others.

What are the main features?

  • Switch audio and subtitles streams
  • Switch external subtitle files (.SRT, .SUB,.SSA)
  • Switching between FFDShow presets (audio & video)
  • Real fastforward (and rewind) with 3 different speeds
  • Set contrast, brightness, image size, noise reduction… while watching a video with the remote control ct commands
  • On screen display menu
  • Default mapping (works in full screen while watching a video)
  • Live post-processing for Live/Recorded TV, DVDs
  • Can remove black borders of video
  • Set bookmarks
  • Macros support

So how do I get this to work?

Media Control is mostly stable and works well with MediaBrowser, however there are some features which should not be enabled and considered experimental. We will talk about these later.

OK, I'm ready to install it now

Media Control works with both Vista/Windows 7 x86 and x64 versions of Media Center. To download click on the appropriate link below.



What else do I need?

You will need FFDShow installed and set up, this guide asumes you are using the Shark007 codec pack, however most others should work as well. FFDShow IS needed for this.

Installation and Set up

1) Grab the file from the link above

2) Install the application, leave all settings as default

3) Launch the Media Control Configuration (an option to do this is at the end of the installer)

4) You will now see all of the options, the first thing is to go to ‘FFDShow Configuration’ a) First click on the ‘Apply Minimal Configuration’ b) Next click on the ‘Commit Changes’ button c) Lastly click on the ‘Apply Recommended Configuration’ button

alt text

5) Now you have Media Control set up and installed to work with Media Center and Media Browser

6) Launch Media Center

7) Play and video file, once the file is playing press ‘Green’ (not the MCE button) This will show a new menu option, from here you can change a few options, fast forward will also be enabled.

NOTE: This menu is not very stable, for more options use 8 in this guide.

alt text

8) To see the full menu press the ‘Blue’ button, this may take a few seconds to load. You are presented with quite a few options, but some options in this menu are not stable.

alt text


Audio/Subtitles Streams/Settings Bookmarks Picture Properties Restart Media Center Goto Full screen Restart remote hook Refresh instances (mostly)

The rest are not stable and might crash the Media Center application.

What do these options do?

Audio/Subtitles Streams/Settings

If you have a few soundtracks on your file or multiple subtitle tracks you can switch between them here


This allows you to set a point in the the file as a bookmark, for example: 00:04:25. Can be quite useful.

Picture Properties

From here you can change the colour, brightness, contrast etc. This may need a restart to apply settings!

Restart remote hook

Media Control is more of an emulator, if the remote control stops working just enable this option.

Is that it, what about the options?

Well the truth is that a lot of the options in this program are not stable yet, but it’s a great program so it’s really trial and error.

You will find quite a few options work such as fast forward, rewind and audio streams, however post processing is not very stable.


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  • Created:over 3 years ago

Balls, this is meant to be somewhere else i thought.

  • what do you mean? I changed the topic to a discussion btw. Tools & Plugins is meant for community members that have created an actual tool or plugin for Media Browser. just an FYI. – birkoff over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

quick question before i start messing around, my remote does not have colour buttons can i assign these to other keys ?

  • Created:over 3 years ago

Yes, there is an option for that inside the config program.

  • Created:over 3 years ago

I have used Media Control for longer than I have used MediaBrowser since (apparently) I can’t live without proper FFW and REW. The rest of the features, not so much. But it is deffo a good program.

  • Created:over 3 years ago

Yes i think FFW/REW is whats mainly drawing me to it

  • Created:over 3 years ago

I cant get fast forward and rewind to work. Also the green button doesn’t give met the menu. Installed all like explained above.

Win 7 X64

  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago

Hi Piers. Your links are for FFDShow included in Sharks packages already. Here is the actual Media Control link for the addon. I'd like to add, under Notifications/Tricks, be sure to check ‘show the streams menu if the video has multiple subtitle/audio streams’. I don’t think that value is enabled by default?

heula. Not sure what remote you are using but, some remotes have 2 buttons for forward and 2 for rewind. My Gyration for example has 2 for each. If I click the button that looks like this >| it skips and Media Control isn’t needed for it to function. If I click the > button, it forwards until I click the play button and Media Control is needed for it to function. The green button should always take you to the Media Center home screen. Within that screen is Media Control. You can also access it via the ‘Extras Library’. Personally, I use Media Center Studio to place MediaBrowser Next to and in front of Media Control. Clicking the green button places me directly next to Media Control for quick adjustments. I refer to the green button commonly known as the button that opens Media Center from the windows desktop, in conflict with the green button Piers speaks of, I think.

  • Using the Harmony one and the old(er) mce remote with color buttons. One button skips a minute like it always did but the fast forward and rewind does nothing. No menu either. – heula over 3 years ago
  • Try this: Under ‘Remote Control & Keyboard’ make sure all 3 on left have check marks. If all else fails, you can assign your buttons using the right side menu in that tab. It’s self explanatory. – brazen1 over 3 years ago
  • After a computer restart it is working. But only for divx and xvid files. MKV cannot be fastforwarded and those files I have the most. pitty. – heula over 3 years ago
  • Created:almost 2 years ago

Can anyone explain to me how to get this to work on a Harmony One? I installed the 64 bit version. My remote doesn’t have a green button as well. Tried to go to configuration to assign a button but the menu doesn’t show up on the screen.

I installed this plugin to be able to swap subtitles in Mediabrowser MKV files.

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Steve

  • Created:almost 2 years ago

It’s completely automated. If alternate streams, subs, ect. are available, the interface will appear at the beginning of playback.

New MediaControl Plug-in Update

  • Created:over 1 year ago
  • Modified:over 1 year ago

brazen sorry but it doesn’t work. i’ve installed media control 6.0.14 64 bits version. and i’m currently getting the famous message media control could not detect any ffdshow setup. i’ve installed ffdshow 1.2.4447 in my htpc box which is running win 64 bits, haali media splitter is also installed. both of them work with mpc-hc without problems. for what i’ve searched it doesn’t matter if you have shark codecs or a stand alone version installed. it should work out of the box. so why doesn’t? and i’m not the first person to get this problem. any ideas? thanks

  • Sorry, to hear that. Works absolutely perfect for me so that you know there is a setup with no problems. I hope you find yours. Probably in how the codec pack is setup and every situation is different. Check my original post and make sure you install it exactly as I wrote. I’m using 7 with x64 shark codecs and no external player. 3D working, everything automated including audio output. Remember, WMC uses the x64 version of WMP only and not the 32 bit desktop player when adjusting your codecs. – brazen1 over 1 year ago
  • Created:over 1 year ago

i don’t have a codec pack installed, as i said i installed ffdshow 1.2.4447, media splitter. mad flac, the lav filters, matroska splitter and core avc, nothing more. and for what i’ve been searching i seems that media control looks like media control is looking for the registry entries in another place. the ffdshow entries in my system are located in HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\GNU\ffdshow and not HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\GNU\ffdshow

  • Created:over 1 year ago
  • Modified:over 1 year ago

Cant seem to get this working. installation went fine ffd show is installed, but while playing the video i cant seem to get the menu to come up. ive tried using the config tool to map the menu to various keys but none of them seem to work. i know that i am playing a .mkv with multiple sub title tracks so this option should be availible. the plugin is acting as though it isnt even there from as far as i can tell. A real shame as i was excited to finally find a solution to turning off the subtitles which wmc seems to insist on playing as a default if there is one. What am i doing wrong? please reply.

windows 7 64bit (yes i did install the x64 version)