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Question Grouping folders (but not the obv way)

  • Created:about 3 years ago
  • Status:resolved
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So i know i can add TV Series and have from diffrent places but my problems is i have it mapped like this:

TV Series = X:\My Videos\TV Series, Z:\My Videos\TV Series, Y:\My Videos\TV Series

But when i go into it i have, for example, two Star Trek folders this is becuase one is in X:\My Videos\TV Series\Star Trek\ and the other is Z:\My Videos\TV Series\Star Trek

What i want is to have them blended together so its just one Star Trek folder with all the series inside.

hope this makes sence if not ask me thanks


2 Answers

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  • Created:about 3 years ago
accepted answer

There is currently a request to get what you're asking for implemented tv series stored in multiple locations, duplicate entries in ...

If rearranging your collection to consolidate everything into the same Series folders isn’t feasible then you can as a work around do what I show here in this post How to add TV series over multiple drives?

  • Created:about 3 years ago

That isn’t possible. All titles have to be inside a common folder. I'm not sure, but some create shortcuts and I think it leads to more problems than it’s worth. Why not move the title into the common folder?