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Feature tool or plugin to hardlink metadata and pictures

  • Created:about 3 years ago
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can someone program a tool or plugin to move pictures (poster backdrop etc.) and metadata to a different location and automaticly hardlink them?


E:\movies\movie1\movie.xml (hardlink from datastorage)
E:\movies\movie1\folder.jpg (hardlink from datastorage)
E:\movies\movie1\backdrop.jpg (hardlink from datastorage)

the idea after this is to put the data to a SSD or ramdrive and minimize the accestimes. on different drives all drives can work at the same time and do not need to wait until a task has ended. on flashdrives the extra data like metadata will read extremly fast because of short accestimes.

a CLI tool to set these hardlinks is junction.exe and for free available at

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  • Created:about 3 years ago

Isn’t that setup backwards?

  • That’s what I would say, assuming you have an SSD you would put the XML/Backdrops etc on the SSD & just hardlink the movies(avi/mkv) etc. – KpjComp about 3 years ago
  • Created:about 3 years ago
  • Modified:about 3 years ago

You're not accounting for the latency involved in accessing the link, then the bounce back to the physical location of the data. You're not going to gain anything. In fact, it will probably be slower.

Just let it cache.

  • It would speed up the Cache Build!. Reading JPG’s & XML Data from an SSD will be must faster than from say a NAS. If rebuilding the Cache was a rare thing, I would agree just let it cache. The only time latency would come in is when accessing meta data from the avi/mkv etc, but then you'd still have that anyway. – KpjComp about 3 years ago
  • I use an SSD as my cache drive and do agree it’s faster. However, trying to fake Media Browser into believing the original XML files are locally with shortcuts is not going to speed up the population of the cache…it’s going to hinder it. Now, if all the original XML and image files were stored locally on the SSD drive with shortcuts pointing to the networked MEDIA file locations, that would be different, but that’s not what was proposed. Any way it goes, this is going to be a mess in the making. – Jon about 3 years ago
  • ok, makes sense. them try the other way and hardlink only the moviefiles. – Maximus1 about 3 years ago
  • My comment implied the JPG/XML were local to the SSD, and it was the Movie only that got hardlinked. Hardlinking is messy, but then Maximus1 is on about making a tool to do it. I still agree thought the Cache should be handling all this without requiring a rebuild every day. – KpjComp about 3 years ago
  • I saw that’s what you meant after rereading a time or two. However, I only set a rebuild once every two weeks and don’t have problems…I would say having to do it that often would indicate issues elsewhere. – Jon about 3 years ago