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Feature Country specific MPAA ratings

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Have a selector for which country media browser is running which would then use the right movie classification image.

Obviously the metadata will still be in MPAA format – NC17, PG13 etc however this could be used with a country code selector. The selector could point media browser to a different image folder to display country specific ratings i.e. Australia would be PG=PG PG13=M NC-17=MA.

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  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 4 years ago

yes, this would be nice. In england we don’t have ‘G’, ‘pg-13’ and ‘R’, so it would be nice for it to auto swap for ‘U’, ‘15’ and ‘18’ instead.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

+1 Like the idea, for dutch people maybe the “kijkwijzer” icons could be used.

  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago by chip

With the changes going on to the imagesbyname folder setup, i would have thought it made most sense to hold the ratings icons in that folder and then allow the user to change them to whatever icon they want.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

With the changes going on to the imagesbyname folder setup, i would have thought it made most sence to hold the ratings icons in that folder and then allow the user to change them to whatever icon they want.

That may come in the future. Right now, we just wanted to get the new organization in place.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

It might be worth waiting until TMDb v2 is ready, it will have ratings from mpaa and other locals. Which would make it possible to add full support for different rating systems.


It wouldn’t be very accurate anyway.

Some recent examples

Jennifer's Body      BBFC: 15 MPAA: Rated R
District 9           BBFC: 15 MPAA: Rated R
Inglourious Basterds BBFC: 18 MPAA: Rated R
Watchmen             BBFC: 18 MPAA: Rated R
  • Created:over 4 years ago

This is approved if somebody wants to take it on

  • Created:over 4 years ago

How should this work?

  1. Built into mediabrowser, with icons and Parental Ccontrol descriptions from all countries. The country defaults to what ever version of windows your using and can be edited in “MediaBrowserXml.config”. The good thing about this is it would just work*, with no set up or extra downloads.
  2. Part of localization
  3. Part of ImagesByName. I don’t like this because it only modifies the images and doesn’t update the Parental Controls.
  4. Something else?


*As long as you're using the correct version of windows.

  • I think a mix of 2 and 3 would be an approach that suits everybody. 2- Link it to localisation/parental controls so that the ratings from each country are still seen as ratings, rather than just image placeholders. 3- Using images from the ImagesByName folder would be ideal for people who want to use their own images. Plus, it will save the MB devs from having to make images for each country’s rating scheme and put them all in the final product. I'd love to have a go at this as it’s something I'd like to have… but it'll take me a month or so to get back into coding… – CreepinJesus over 4 years ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 4 years ago


I have already created a set of US and a set of UK MPAA rating icons to go twards my feature request.

Have a look and tell me what you guys think.

EDIT sorry, posted a pic with both MPAA ratings, but you get the idea. alt text

  • Created:about 4 years ago

Why not just get the icons from the ImageByName folder instead of having it hard coded into the MCML page and having the icon images imbedded into your dll?

While I think the general idea here of providing a customization option is good, there are good reasons not to just add this to IBN. Or, to re-design how we use IBN.

The IBN concept was an add-on designed for power users and not a necessary part of MB for general use. It has grown into a large, hairy monster since that time, but, still no part of the standard installation or configuration process deals with the IBN directory at all. It doesn’t currently need to exist for the product to work.

I know there is a lot of discussion out here trying to change that, but that is still currently a fact.

Some work needs to be put into properly designing and implementing several types of customization needs/wants right now but no one has taken that on yet.

  • At last I fixed up comment notification … next up is fixing up how horrible they look in ie – sam about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago

Well you have good points. And it seems as though the theme creators are starting to create MPAA icons that better suit the theme selected. But we still have no way of allowing the community to choose which rating system to use.

I guess the theme creators could compile a theme with UK MPAA rating icons and release it as such. In the plugin tab, you could have “Diamond” and “Diamond_UK”, what do you guys think??

  • Created:about 4 years ago
  • Modified:about 4 years ago

Ok one way I can do this is base everything off the USA ratings system and translate that to UK / Australia ratings.



G      = U      = ?
PG     = PG     = PG
PG-13  = PG-12  = MA
R      = ??     = ??
NC-17  = ??     = ??
Unrated same across all
  • I do not think there is a direct comparison like this is there? I just think we need MB to source the MPAA field in metaBrowser and show that. That way all users have the ability to choose. Currently users can modify this field or scrape it from IMDB after modifying metaBrowser xml but MB sees it as NR. I also think we should leave it with imdb as I believe it is a more accurate site. – skynet600 about 4 years ago
  • Just brainstorming some ideas… I'll be interested in seeing how themoviedb will address this issue. – soultaker about 4 years ago
  • Indeed. I just wonder if we are not over complicating this somewhat. Like I said we are already in a position to add the correct value in metadata. Not only can we scrape IMDP but the field can be manually edited. All we need really is for MB to source that value and display what it sees. Is my view too simplistic for a non dev person? – skynet600 about 4 years ago
  • I know I’m 2 years late on this, but I wasn’t around back then… lol It’s impossible to map the end result of the certification process cross-schemes/countries/territories, because the calculations leading to a rating are very different. One country may be more tolerant of certain movie content than another, so you simply can’t say, for example, a USA rating of Recent movie ratings… The Change-Up MPAA R UK 15; Girl with Dragon Tattoo MPAA R UK 18; Little Fockers MPAA PG-13 UK 12A; The Cabin in the Woods MPAA R UK 15 No mapping system could get The Change-Up and Girl with Dragon Tattoo right, because the MPAA R maps to UK 15 and 18 for those 2. – leedavies almost 2 years ago
  • Yea I think this was one of the reasons why I gave up on images and display back text instead. – soultaker almost 2 years ago
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  • Created:about 4 years ago

According to @themoviedb it shouldn’t be too long before we can get localized mpaa ratings from tmdb.

Hoping to have a beta of v2 out to the TMDb mods later this week. That puts us around 2 weeks til' launch I would guess. Getting close!
3:28 PM Jan 18th

  • Created:about 4 years ago

Here is another set of icons for movie and TV ratings. I have the icons for Canada but have not yet added them to the collection.

So far what is included is: Australia, USA and the United Kingdom.

Movie & TV Rating System Icons [by Techols]

  • These are great. If only we could actualy use them in MB – Necker about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago

This needs to be a core feature of the product not some ‘if you have IBN…… it works’

  • I agree. – ebr about 4 years ago
  • I agree too but would it not be sensible to have this as an option? Default is on of course. This allows the user to use different icons and thus you won’t have the default icon and your own showing. – skynet600 about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago
  • Modified:about 4 years ago

Fatal, Sam, Soultaker

Reading your design solution on this topic, can I assume that when you refer to IBN folder for UK BBFC ratings, that is a “studio” folder we would create for the relevant certification and hence show up with the studios rather than where the MPAA rating is.

Or is there a way of coding/pointing to a folder where these images are. I have metabrowser retrieving the UK ratings, however they show up as NR.

Any Help would be appreciated as I am also another chappy that would love to see MPAA ratings localized to my country.


  • Created:about 4 years ago
  • Modified:about 4 years ago

Localised MPAA ratings are fine if all you watch is Hollywood but I'd prefer it to show film ratings dependant on the country of release…

There are plenty of UK, Asian and World Cinema films not released in the US so IMO giving an ‘18’ film an ‘R’ rating if it was never even released in that country doesn’t really work..

At present I put the rating for the country of release in the MPAA box in metabrowser just like I catalogue the movie in the language it was released in!

This of course could be considered too anal :D

  • No, thats exactly correct! there are two issues in play here. 1) Is actual display. 2) Relationship of ratings to parental controls. – soultaker about 4 years ago
  • Just FYI – PC translates ratings to a number – which is independent of what is displayed so that can be dealt with easily. – ebr about 4 years ago
  • Show the country of release? That’s the whole issue here, those of us outside the US are already getting that whether we like or not- for us the default is US ratings,no option. The way I see it, (the US)ratings icons are downloaded along with other metadata, so why not simply install the US icons in IBN by default. For most users nothing is changed, and those of us who want to CAN change them easily. ebr is right, Mymovies does the same thing, assigns numbers -1 (None) 0 (Unrated) 1(G) etc, xzener- I'm with you on this – daspannerman about 4 years ago
  • Created:about 4 years ago
  • Modified:about 4 years ago

I believe if the ratings were in the IBN, users could easily add their own countries ratings.

IBN for this would be a quick and easy fix!!!

  • Created:about 4 years ago

+1 Thinks this would be a great addition

  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago

Is this posible jet? If yes how can I use the Dutch “Kijkwijzer” icons. If no I'll wait until it does :)

  • Created:almost 4 years ago

This is well supported but has been a long time coming!

  • Okay but how? – Alwin almost 4 years ago
  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago

Any news on this feature?

+1 added my wish to the mix a little while back.



I just compiled a MB core with the US icons replaced with UK icons as an interim measure until this feature is added to the configurator page.

I don’t know about the etiquette of posting recompiled msi’s so if you want a copy of my installer with UK MPAA ratings then just ask. I also made an installer with Australian MPAA ratings just to check it wasn’t dumb luck i got it working for UK ratings. If anyone wants either installer feel free to ask :)

NOTE: The US icons have been replaced in my installer, i have not added the UK icons side by side with US.

  • looks like MPAA ratings wont be in the next orion release :( at least we have customised mediainfo icons! would be nice to get this custom recompiled msi though! – pheonixsingh over 3 years ago
  • Do you still have a mediabrowser.dll for australian ratings? i would love to give it a spin – bbutlerau over 3 years ago
  • No, sorry, that recompiled msi was for chronos. – Shaolin over 3 years ago
  • bugger, thanks though – bbutlerau over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

shaolin: Is the about theme with UK certification available?

or is there any theme that use it ?

  • Not without compiling a new .dll i'm afraid. – Shaolin over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

Well it would be nice for us UK users to not miss our “all-the-time” !!!!

  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago

shaolin: Can you send me the installer for the above screenshot?

  • I don’t have it anymore i'm afraid. That installer was for the previous version of MediaBrowser (2.2.5) When 2.2.8 came out i deleted 2.2.5 installer. – Shaolin over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago

Hi all

Here you get all country specific rating systems and even some idea how to compare …

As example the Danish system (in english) with explainations, icons etc:


  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • 1 wish.

This sounds really cool. Let me know what I can do to help

  • Created:over 3 years ago

Any update on getting the ratings into the core?

I would love to use techols pack – but cant :(

  • Sorry, no. – ebr over 3 years ago
  • Created:about 3 years ago

Is there any plans to deploy the MPAA Ratings IBN folder?

  • I hope so. – xzener about 3 years ago
  • Created:over 2 years ago

Are we any nearer getting this implemented?

  • No. Most themes have customized their own ratings images so this could be a difficult one to put in. – ebr over 2 years ago
  • I have no problem switching if core puts something in place, similar to what happened with MediaInfo icons. – throgmorton over 2 years ago
  • It is very annoying for all of the non-US users. If the core has the ability to do it then as throgmorton says, it is then up to the theme designers to implement it. – GrotShot over 2 years ago
  • Oh please sort this one. Please, please, please. After 15th Jan would be ok though :D – skynet600 over 2 years ago
  • Created:about 2 years ago

This should be in Atlas but themes will have to be modified to support it. Details on what theme devs need to do will be in the design tab.

  • If someone has Icons for all the foreign ratings that match the default, simple set in core I’d love to have them. Thx. – ebr about 2 years ago
  • I think these coloured ones are the standard for uk certification but it could look ok to use those in core. Or is the plan that they should all be of the same design to reduce the need for multiple icons all for say certificate 18 – chip almost 2 years ago
  • Ok, I put those in core – except for PG. Not sure what to do about that one because it is the same as the US rating… – ebr almost 2 years ago
  • ok, we could either create a photoshop template with a generic style so we can just alter the generic icon to show the codes for each country or (preferably) prefix each icon set with the name of their country so that they all have unique names and official icons can be used (eg, rated-gb-pg.png. If our internal metadata providers are pulling country specific ratings based on Release Country Code we map the release country code to the icon. So GB maps to rated-gb-pg.png. If the xml from metabrowser is set to country specific ratings it can also honour the Release Country Code in configurator. I realise this may be something for a later release as we would have to collect sets for each country and place them in core or just have it only work for us and gb unless sets are placed in IBN – chip almost 2 years ago
  • I think we’re just gonna let PG show the US icon for now ;). – ebr almost 2 years ago
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