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Experimental SQLite support!

I just added some experimental SQLite support to trunk, once enabled Media Browser is pretty lightningy


To have a play:

  1. Copy System.Data.Sqlite.DLL to C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser (I checked this in to trunk under the sqlite directory)
  2. Edit your configuration file and set EnableExperimentalSqliteSupport to true

That’s it. You are done, go get a beer. Be sure to copy the correct version of the Sqlite dll, x64 machines need the x64 version and x32 use the default version. Both are in source control.

Let me know how you go, keep in mind this is experimental and no shared view state and play state is supported yet.

On top of that, for everyones sake I cut down the startup time by about a second I am noticing almost instant startup on my box.

And lastly, I pushed back the full refresh so it happens 40 seconds after startup and the auto update was pushed back as well. This cuts down on the initial load you experience.

Posted by sam on December 02, 2009


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