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Feature Hide series with no episodes

  • Created:over 2 years ago
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I thought this has been asked before but I want to give it another try.

I want Mediabrowser to hide Series that has no episodes available. If possible I only want to see my series that has something to watch in them.

In the days before Mediabrowser I was using mytv and with that program that was standard behaviour.

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  • Created:over 2 years ago

This may be a silly question, but why do you have series with no episodes?

  • Lol, I thought the same. – karlos65 over 2 years ago
  • No unwatched episodes. – NickW over 2 years ago
  • When I have watched episodes I delete them. At that moment it could be possible that there are no episodes left until a next episode is available. Same thing for my recorded tv. – heula over 2 years ago
  • Created:over 2 years ago

heula while I agree this would be great as I have a vf pointing at my recorded tv folder which is fluid, mostly as I watch stuff I del it (What I should say is once my wife watches dr phil, oprah and other assorted rubbish I del it) I am currently using a work around with a powsershell script that hides the folders with contents under 100 meg. Joshfink wrote it and the details are here.

While not ideal (as I would prefer mb to do it) it does serve it purpose.

  • Thanks, gonna give it a try. – heula over 2 years ago