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Bug Strange Watched Behavior in 2.2.3 / Everything marked as watched

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I recently upgraded from version 2.2.2 to 2.2.3, and after the update I noticed that the watched check-marks started behaving strangely and incorrectly. My settings are all default. I verified this on both the default theme and the chocolate theme. I also cleared my cache, and the behavior persisted.

When I load a view of individual items, all of the items have the watched check-mark, even the ones that aren’t watched. If I go to an item and hit the button on my remote to toggle watched, it will become correct: if it was already watched, it will clear the check-mark, if it was not, the check-mark stays. It’s only when I load up the view initially (by going to a movies folder or into a particular season of a series) that it shows up incorrectly. Additionally, when I load a view of folders, let’s say a list of seasons for a series, folders with everything in them watched show fine. But folders with unwatched items show both the check-mark and a count of unwatched items, with both icons overlaid on top of each other.

Any idea what is going on?