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Feature tv series stored in multiple locations, duplicate entries in MB's TV panel

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Within my tv shows folder, i have 2 subfolders – one for stuff that i’ve already burnt to dvd, and one for new stuff. (what i do every now-and-then is burn a dvd of files from the ‘new’ folder and them move them to the ‘on dvd’ folder when i’m done).

There can be a common tv show within each of these two subfolders, but the episodes in each folder are different. eg: series 1 burnt to dvd, series 2 not burnt yet.

In media browser, I then get duplicates of the tv shows shown in the tv panel.

see my screenshots

  • I changed this to a feature request since it is currently working as designed. – ebr over 3 years ago
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  • Created:over 3 years ago

After a good prompt by Birkoff, I'll add my wish to this one!

  • Created:8 months ago

Any news about this yet. Or am i looking in the wrong topic. I would like this feature also in Gamebrowser. Thank you

  • Created:over 3 years ago

After another good prompt by Birkoff, I'm adding my wish to this too!

My issue is that I have TV shows spread over the HTPC local hard drive, the NAS and some other computers in the house. As such, the same show can appear 4 times in the browser even though each entry only contains a sub-set of the same series.

  • Created:over 2 years ago

Was this ever approved, implemented or what – added my wish which seems like a lifetime ago, but the behaviour as far as I can see continues to exist.

  • Created:over 2 years ago

you are correct, the behavior does continue (as it was originally designed to work)..

I’d also like to see this in a future release.. we need to get more community support in the form of posts here and wishes on this FR in order for a dev to pick this up and make it happen.

Anyone else care to add a wish to this with us?

  • Would be nice not to have to move series about discs to ensure one entry – steelman1991 over 2 years ago
  • Created:almost 2 years ago

long in the tooth and hard to do but after filling my tv drive this would be really handy

  • I still believe the far superior answer to this is using a drive pooling solution of some sort. – ebr almost 2 years ago
  • Created:over 2 years ago

I’m somewhat reluctant to even attempt this as I think it could have a severe impact on performance and we are trying very hard to improve that not make it worse.

  • This is where you have the advantage over me – no idea what it would take to implement or what it would impact on – just that it would be nice to have. No great issue, just means I have to move some things around and be nore organised. Thanks anyway – the new build is looking good by the way – nice job. – steelman1991 over 2 years ago
  • Created:2 months ago

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  • Created:about 4 years ago

This is the way it is designed at the moment. Essentially you are asking for the virtual folder to perform a “virtual merge” on all the subfolders in it.

Its technically feasible but not implemented

  • Created:about 4 years ago

I have a similar setup, though I have a “New TV” and an “All TV” entry. “New TV” maps to the \New TV folder, “All TV” maps to \New TV and \Archived TV folders, displaying both.

My solution to make identifying which of the 2 entries for each series was which was to set stark (via batch file) to overlay the red series case on the New TV, and the black series case on the Archive TV folder. Anytime I move something from one folder to the other, I just run the batch file with the replace option.