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Feature Actor Description / Information

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When you have a list of Actors for a movie, it’s great that the pictures come up, and it’s also great that when you click on them it shows what other movie they are in!

However, it’d be really nice to also have a “Bio” of them. A little write up about them. I know the information is readily available.

I think that mymovies does this, and is the only feature I miss from mm3 that mb does not have.

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  • Created:over 4 years ago

Nope, I would like this functionality built in to MB, its core to the product. Perhaps the images by name refactor should allow for the metadata.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Mockup I was referencing in previous post.

alt text

  • the trouble with this mockup is, how do you move between actors, when do you display the box … etc. – sam over 4 years ago
  • Sam – I was thinking of something that was actor specific and not a generic actor browse. If I click on a movie and see an actor of interest, I could drill down to the actor, see all Movies I have of them and get a Bio for further info. But, I can see where a true browse function of Bio’s for all actors in a movie would be nice as well. It would definitely take a different screen view to accomplish this, in my opinion. I will think about it some more and see if any layouts come to mind. – blade005 over 4 years ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago

I approve this, but a dev will need to take ownership of this and design it.

  • Created:over 1 year ago

Well now that I’m happy with the state of UpcomingTV, I’m looking at adding this type of information to my themes. I’ve currently got a proof of concept going, I need to finish alot more work in the backend before this will be pushed to my themes. But at least I know its possible.

Here is the current screen I have working:

alt text

  • That’s awesome! Does this screen become available when selecting the image from the actors list in each movie? – chef over 1 year ago
  • Yes that was the idea, as I have it now this screen will come up when selecting an actor from the details page. If you click “Titles in Collection” it will bring you to the page your used to seeing with all the items that the actor appears in. – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • That has been a feature request for so long, it’s crazy how many requests your knockin' outta the park these days! Thanks a head of time for all the work… – chef over 1 year ago
  • Well I’m no longer really designing any new themes these days, and I’m concentrating more on features. Honestly as long as people are still purchasing licenses, I’m willing to add more and more features, as my way of saying thanks for the support. Some feature request are a little out of my league coding wise, so I look for ones that I can do and have a lot of supporters now a days. – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • throg you rule! – tp546 over 1 year ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 4 years ago

I too would like to see this as a feature in future MB releases.

I use the Default theme view, so I don’t know how this would play amongst other themes.

Thumbstrip View once you drill down to Actor/Actress information seems to present the best design layout for this. Bio information could be presented/overlayed on top of where the Backdrop image is displayed for the current highlighted movie, that would give you the best real estate on the screen to display the information. Image of the Actor/Actress from IBN can be displayed to the left of the Biography information.

I have a crude mockup of this view, but don’t know how to include an attachment in this reply. The image button is asking for a URL, rather then allowing me to simply display and/or attach the .jpg file. If someone can direct me on how to do this, I will gladly share the display mockup here.

I like Bio information from link text

Information can be quite extensive, so the window would need to be addressable by remote and then allow you to scroll up/down to view all information.

My thoughts anyway. Anyone and everyone can feel free to jump in with thoughts/comments.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Nice first mockup, when I get some extra time I will see if i can play. Developers can we add a info screen pop up when your on a actors name / image you hit * media browser recoginizes your focus is on a actors name, since it recognizes this * menu has a new button. Bio, then you click bio and a large pop up scrollable window comes up with actors picture. You can then scroll up and down to read and have a close button to return to previous focus.

Wild dreams of mine… wild dreams.

  • i like this idea! – birkoff over 4 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

This is a great idea. I'm totally down. That would be awesome! Really really awesome! I put my vote with one of my wishes. And as I don’t get many that means a lot.

  • Created:over 1 year ago

So here is a brief video of what I got so far, sorry for the quality:

So What’s next? What I wanted to do was possibly replace the “Titles in Collection” (this was the standard way of doing things before) with maybe a listing of all roles the actor is credited in, then cross reference them to the one in your collection so you can see which ones you have which ones you don’t.


  • That looks fantastic, Throg. And I like your suggestion of showing a full list of movies. I’ll still be able to jump to those movies that exist in my collection, right? I’m thinking I might need to refresh my ImagesByName people folder to get images a bit larger than 300x450, to make this look as good as possible. Currently I have Internet Providers turned off (I use metabrowser), will I need to turn that on to enable fetching this additional data? And will it work for actors that appear in both movies and TV series? – AdrianW over 1 year ago
  • The idea woul still be able to jump to the title in your collection. You will not need to turn on fetching as its currently harcoded to pull the data, like UpcomingTV. It will work for any actors Movies/TV. – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • I think it looks great. I would really like to be able to select the actor and then see all of their credits and anything that is in my collection should be highlighted in some way. Im always switching out of MB to go to IMDB and see what program I recognise someone from so to have this data within MB would be fantastic if possible. – craigmc over 1 year ago
  • The credits data is available through TMDB although I doubt it’s as extensive as IMDB. – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • Man this is really good. It’s been a long time coming to have this kind of features available with actors. Could you add academy awards if they won one, under their birthday at the top. It might be an interesting idea. – chef over 1 year ago
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  • Created:almost 4 years ago
  • Modified:almost 4 years ago by chip

Not sure if this feature is still on the radar – however if it is to be (or is already being) developed then I reckon it would also be a nice addition to not only display the movies that are in your collection but also display all movies that the actor/actress is in (ie have a list of all movies but somehow identify the ones which are included in you own collection).

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Anybody got any design ideas for this, would love to see this implemented.

  • Created:almost 4 years ago

Using a wish here to make it 9 supporters. Hoping a dev steps in. Actor bios would be fantastic and don’t want to see this idea fade away and forgotton.

  • Created:almost 4 years ago

I like the pop-up idea which you will get when you are actually focused on an actors image. The mock-up, although good, seems a little complicated to achieve and random. For example would it be a random actor or the first in the list? Who decides which actor would be of interest and how?

  • Currently when you select an actor it’s directed to titles that actor appears in within your collection. Splitting the screen to include the bios, retrieved from imdb, allmovie, etc. (as mocked by blade005) looks clean. An enlarged pic or setting the jpg file as a backdrop.jpg would be nice too. – brazen1 almost 4 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago

My suggestion would be to change a couple of the tag names and maybe add a Nationality/Country tag:

      <actor>Brad Pitt</actor>
      <BornAs>William Bradley Pitt</BornAs>
      <Alias>Buratto Pitto</Alias>
      <biography>William Bradley &quot;Brad&quot; Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received two Academy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one. He has been described as one of the world's most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention.</biography>
      <Birthplace>Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States</Birthplace>
        <Movie>Twelve Monkeys</Movie>
        <Movie>Ocean's Eleven</Movie>
        <Movie>Ocean's Twelve</Movie>
        <Movie>A River Runs Throught It</Movie>
      <LastModified>2010-04-26 03:26:14</LastModified>

This info can also be scraped from IMDB as Maximus suggests, IMDB has some info that TMDb does not such as awards/oscars/nominations which could also be incorporated into the metadata structure, something like:


Depending on people’s opinions/thoughts the following could also be scraped for regarding the occupation of each person. Given that some actors branch out into other positions like producing/directing, it would give a brief synopsis of the positions they have held in their career. Whether this information is actually displayed or not would be for the theme developer to decide, but the information could be scraped to be used (or not) and sit in the biography.xml just in case:

   <Position>Executive Producer</Position>
  • I like it Shaolin. – skynet600 over 3 years ago
  • Although this is doable in metabrowser, one thing to keep in mind is that information for this will keep changing depending on the actors career, unlike movie metdata which remains constant throughout. So maybe consider putting static information in the metadata OR, a better solution would be for this to be built into MediaBrowser itself and gotten live/refreshed every 2 weeks or so when you enter the actor bio page… – fatal over 3 years ago
  • I think the preferred model would be your later suggestion, giving the ability to update the information as and when the bio is accessed. Quite a few people have expressed a special interest in the filmography being listed in the bio, and as this is a dynamic value like you say it would need updating with the actors career. – Shaolin over 3 years ago
  • Yes exactly, and with TMDb having the API available (actor search and actor bio) it should be fairly easy to access that information. I think this feature request needs to be changed to maybe a plugin request for mediabrowser or maybe even a core change to add an actor bio page with internet metadata fetching. – fatal over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 3 years ago

Wondering if this is still possible, usable in default theme, approved, and time permitting, when/if it might be implemented?

  • I am not sure, at the moment media browser service is a much higher priority on my list – sam over 3 years ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 4 years ago

Welcome aboard blade you to need put images in this format for the tracker

<img src="http://link address here"

Make sure you click the design tab at the top of topic and place your pics and more info about your idea there.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Big ArrickSon,

Thanks for the welcome, but I don’t understand the image requirement tag.

I have an image in the following location that I would like to attach.

C:\Public\Pictures\MediaBrowser – Actor Bio Layout Example.jpg

What is the proper tag to include in my reply? Sorry for the newb question.

  • You'd have to upload the image to a hosting service such as imageshack or photobucket and then use the embed code in your post. – Shidojin over 4 years ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago

Here is an example of the website blade suggested pointing to an actors bio page.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

looking looks like it has a facts section but its very basic, this looks perfect for this, never even heard of this site good find blade.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

i like every single detail of that blade005. well done!

  • Created:over 1 year ago

Gotten a bit further now I will list all the shows that the actor is in in your collection (they will be marked with a tick), followed by any other movies listed on TMDB. You will be able to select any item in your collection and it will navigate to the details page of that item.

Here is a screen: alt text

  • Looking good! I assume the list of movies scrolls up and down – so what happens if you click on a movie that is not in your collection? Also, is the portrait image coming from IBN or from TMDB? – AdrianW over 1 year ago
  • Yes the list scrolls. Nothing happens when you click on a title that isn’t in your collection. Portrait image is coming from IBN. – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • Wow. I like that. – chef over 1 year ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago
  • Modified:over 4 years ago

How about an EBR plugin special here!

I'm thinking while your in the movie details page and your focus is sitting on an actor in the list you hit *. Your nice little popup menu comes up, and you have a BIO choice on the menu. Click it for a popup window similiar to what vanilla does with the # button giving us scrollable bio info and clickable link to their movies. Wow that sounds so simple… lol.

  • I'd rather see the Bio and Image rather than the movies that actor is in. A reworked page that shows both bio & movies would be best – Redshirt over 4 years ago
  • Created:almost 4 years ago

+1 hope someone picks this up

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Wow that would be great if it could be implemented into the core. Hope the ideas are helping Sam.

  • Created:over 4 years ago

+1 Like this option hope it will be picked-up soon

  • Created:over 3 years ago
  • Modified:over 3 years ago


I would like to see this implimented. Have, as an option in configurator, that when you click on an actor you get 1) Biographpy, or 2) Other movies with the actor (which I really don’t use that much.

  • Created:over 1 year ago

The Beta Release of your plug-in seems to be pulling the proper information. Everything is working fine on my end.

  • Created:over 3 years ago

added mockup to design tab.

  • Created:over 1 year ago

So I’ve now implemented this in all my themes, unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to make it a separate plugin to be used in all themes. So theme developers will have to develop there own implementation of this.

  • this is awesome! one thing though – for people who aren’t found (i have a bunch of sports so athletes are listed), can you add a 10 second or so timeout where if it doesn’t find anything it still lists what they are in from you collection? – tp546 over 1 year ago
  • I will look into catching actors that are not listed – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • Hmmm… Doesn’t it work already? What theme view are you using? – throgmorton over 1 year ago
  • i’m using destiny but centrality on the details screen. it’s weird, for some guys it gets stuck on search but others it just shows the list of what they are in. the only pattern i can see is that it seems like the “actors” with more appearances in my collection that aren’t recognized get the list where the ones with fewer appearances get stuck on the search. – tp546 over 1 year ago
  • Created:over 4 years ago

Where is this BIO going to come from? Is the plan to manually enter BIO’s for each person?

I was looking at, and they have people in their DB. Why doesn’t MB grab BIO’s and pics from there?

  • Created:over 4 years ago

Does it have an API? And does it cost money?

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