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Feature Support of DVDFab Virtual Drive mounter and .miniso files

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It should be usefull to add support of DVDFab Virtual Drive and let MB handle .miniso files like common .iso files. DVDFab Decrypter gives the oprion to rip DVDs and BluRays in structure files also (not .iso) providing the option to be mounted also as a virtual drive creating a .miniso file that is used by the mounter. Alternatively you can let the setup of iso mounter open so everyone can add a mounter that he prefers and declare the image files (.iso, .miniso, .nrg) that will be handled.

Thank you.

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  • Created:about 2 years ago

Has this support been confirmed. I am currently trying to use DVDFab Virtual Drive as the mounter of ISO and MINISO files with media browser.

Computer (with DVDFAB) –> Wired LAN –> XBOX

I can see the Media Browser plug-in from my XBOX and browse all the imgage files but if I try to play and ISO or MINISO file it either just hangs or says it cannot find the file. I tried different settings under the extender+iso with regards to autoplay, drive letters and transcoder settings and adding supported formats.

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iso files will not work using your xbox best solution for xbox is to convert to wtv, dvr-ms or I think Mikinho has a solution (I haven’t used it myself so dont ask me for config help (–: ) I am also not sure if it will work with mounted images but you can have a read about it and d/l it here

  • Created:about 2 years ago

Thanks for the info – it also dawned on me I have to convert all my ISOs :( which is a horrible shame as I have a lot of DVD ISOs. Can you recommend any good 1:1 converters for the mentioned media extension. I am using DVDFAB and cannot find wtv or dvr-ms under the list of converted formats.

  • Created:about 2 years ago
  • Modified:about 2 years ago

Sorry for the hijack

Videoredo is the best imho (but it costs). A free app that will do the same is dvrms toolbox