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Okay, the CT is dead – long live the CT.

Please visit the New Community and join the new world of Media Browser 3. You will have to re-register.

It turns out that, while I was able to remove the ability to post new topics, it is not possible to stop people from creating new responses or comments. So, just know if you do that, they will probably go un-answered.

Posted by ebr on October 09, 2013

Please post MB3 questions/issues in appropriate beta thread

All MB3 components are currently in beta testing. Please post any questions or issues you have in the appropriate beta discussion thread for that component.

For the server: Here

And for MB Classic: Here

If 1,000s of you start posting questions and issues in individual topics they will certainly get missed. Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted by ebr on May 20, 2013

Media Browser 2.6.2 (micros) Released

Happy Holidays everyone. MB 2.6.2 is now officially available on the download page.

There is no change log because there are very few modifications. The one bug that was fixed, I don’t think, had an official report but it is at the root of a lot of reports and questions about finding metadata with the internal movie fetcher.

The only other thing in this release is official support for Windows 8. You must have the Media Center add-on for it, obviously.

Thanks to my testers.

Posted by ebr on December 24, 2012

Media Browser 2.6.1 (Atlas SP1) Released

I’ll make this short and sweet. Atlas SP1 is officially released. Please download the official version if you were running the pre-release. You will have to un-install the pre-release version before you can install the official but you won’t lose any settings.



Thanks as always to the testing team.

Posted by ebr on August 26, 2012

Media Browser 2.6 (Atlas) Released

After over six weeks of testing and lots of major effort by many one of the largest releases of Media Browser to date is now available for download on the download page.

Huge props go to luke (give him some thumbs) for completely re-vamping our playback engine and just being a major addition to the dev team. Thanks again, Luke.

And, as always, huge thanks to my testing group for all the help. No way we could put releases like this out without you.


Now, I’m off to here for a few weeks of fishing and hanging out just me and my kids. So, I may be a little scarce for a while – assuming I come back at all ; ).

Posted by ebr on June 07, 2012

Version 2.5.3 (Apollo SP1) Released

Version 2.5.3 is now available on the main Download page.

Not much in the way of features in this release but some important bug fixes including:

  • Fix for last added lists containing TV outside of the normal file structure
  • Podcasts now show in last added lists properly
  • JIL and sorting should now work better with non-alpha characters and indexes
  • Fix for some memory leaks in the service
  • You can now index a folder by the official certification (MPAA rating)

The complete list is here

Additionally, this version will migrate all your plug-ins to the plugins directory. No more ‘pgn’ files and putting our theme dlls in ehome. This should be fairly transparent but, if you get an error during the install related to this migration you will just need to re-install your theme plug-ins via the configurator. All settings should be retained.

Posted by ebr on March 07, 2012

Media Browser 2.5.2 (Apollo) Released


Version 2.5.2 (Apollo) is now available for download. This version started out as a quick maintenance release but evolved into a new version that should provide significant performance and feature improvements in several areas.

Please see the changelog for a complete description of the changes and new features.

Also, please note that this version will only install on Windows 7 systems. Hydra was the end of our official Vista support.

Thanks as always to all my beta testers and, especially this time to Chip for the development help on the default theme.

Posted by ebr on January 15, 2012

Version 2.5.1 (Hydra SP1) Released

Download here.

Note: Everyone should upgrade. There is no reason to run 2.5.0

Changes from 2.5.0 (Hydra):

  • Fix performance issues on extenders
  • Improve automatic refreshing of items when MB is running
  • Fix a few more issues with the Now Playing Viewport
  • Fix a few alignment issues and an old problem with TV ratings
  • Resumable items won’t be marked watched until watched past min resume point
  • Don’t clear the resume point when manually toggling watched status
  • ValidationDelay setting in config file is now depricated (it will have no effect)

Tracker issues addressed

Posted by ebr on October 18, 2011

Version 2.5 (codename Hydra) Released

After probably our longest release cycle yet, Hydra is released. Please use the download link on the website to obtain the installer.

This version is 2.5 because it represents some fairly major internal changes in the product. This won’t translate into a whole bunch of new features but should mean better performance and reliability overall. There are also some bug fixes and a few new features.

Please check out the changelog for more details.

Thanks again to all who helped implement and test and to this great community for being the main backbone of support for the product.

P.S. This is intentionally being released at a late hour here in the States to give the other side of the world the first crack for a change :).

Posted by ebr on September 27, 2011

Media Browser 2.3.2 (Titan SP1) Released

Titan SP1 ( is now available on the main download page. It is a maintenance release for Titan that addresses a few issues with external players and some performance issues in some circumstancs. Everyone should upgrade and the process should be pretty painless. Just install it from the new installer.

You will need to install new versions of CoverArt and Media Browser Intros, but everything else should be okay.

Posted by ebr on April 11, 2011

Media Browser 2.3.1 (Titan) Released

Okay, two weeks late again, but Titan is out and available on the download page. Before I go any further (cuz half of you probably never got past the title before you started downloading) please be sure to follow the upgrade procedure outlined in the changelog if you are upgrading from a previous version. It should make your life much simpler.

This version has lots of bug fixes and other polish work and should have even more performance improvements. Some highlights:

  • Item paths are no longer subject to case sensitivity. This means that things like shared playstates and shortcuts to items should sync up properly now.
  • Logging is now enabled by default, you can change the level of severity of messages that are logged and logfiles are cleaned out periodically (default 30 days).
  • Lots of changes and improvements surrounding the mediainfo provider. It should no longer cause the refresh process to hang up, will now support analyzing folder rips of both DVDs and BDs (service only), and should just generally play a bit nicer with the system.
  • Better organization and display of plug-ins in the configurator
  • Direct entry points should now work properly with our single instance functionality.
  • Plug-in added collections (like music and trailers) should now refresh properly in the service
  • Items blocked by parental controls should now also refresh properly in the service.

Also, Titan coincides with the release of the new Media Browser Store. This is a change in the way we are handling supporters and we think it will be much better for everyone going forward.

Be sure to check out the improved MB Trailers plug-in and the highly-anticipated Media Browser Intros plug-in as well. Intros has the standard 14-day trial period so you can try it out before you register it. It is brand new and fairly complicated so, if you find issues, please post them out here so we can get them addressed ASAP.

As always, thanks mucho to my tester group and all the other folks who make MB happen.

Download 2.3.1

Posted by ebr on March 29, 2011

Media Browser Version 2.3.0 - Released

You may have been wondering … where the Heck is Draco?

Well, it was in the oven, baking. It went through the most rigorous testing any version of Media Browser ever did. We had 13 betas and 7 RCs during this process. Some of them were titled “this is really it”, they were not it …

Throughout this process the testers, tirelessly, tested retested and double tested every corner of Media Browser. Tons of bugs were squashed and some very big features built. A huge thank you goes to all the testers!

Another huge thank you goes to Eric (aka. ebr), who made this release happen and is responsible for most of the changes.

The biggest highlight for version 2.3.0 is performance. Media Browser moved to a service based architecture. You asked for it.

Media Browser Service

This new architecture allows us to more efficiently scan your library. It also allows us to host service based plugins. On a personal note, Media Browser now feel so much more snappy on all my systems.

There are also a ton of other changes which are documented in the change log and the complete list on the tracker.

A few other highlights are:

  • Fixes for broken podcast handling (you can watch TED again)
  • Many fixes to the default theme, by Sinjen (you can reach the Now Playing window – at last)
  • Prep work for Custom Intros prior to movies playing
  • Better Media Info Icons and fixes by (chip)
  • Startup is significantly faster, no more artificial lag when playing hd content
  • Enhanced multi-version plugins support (ebr)

… and many more

A big thank you goes to the community for testing and building this release, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Supporters will be notified of the new release in Media Center and can perform an in-place upgrade.

Posted by sam on January 14, 2011

Where the Heck is Draco??

I know the new release of Media Browser was supposed to be out for Christmas, and then the new year, and now we're telling you next Friday. But why would you believe us now…?

Well, I don’t know but rest assured it is a lot closer today than it has ever been :).

Seriously, I think we are very close to being able to release the new version and I think you will be pleased. We have addressed a LOT of bugs, added some interesting new capabilities and improved overall performance of the program.

With all of these changes we wanted to ensure a good release so we have been doing a lot of testing (thanks HEAPS to all of our beta testers) getting feedback and making a lot more improvements during that cycle. It has taken a lot of work on a lot of people’s part to get this release ready to go but we are close to done.

I don’t anticipate the current target date slipping again (but this could change if we find something in our final tests) and, maybe we'll even get lucky and get it out before then…

Posted by ebr on January 09, 2011

Pearl Theme v0.1.4.0 Released

Another update to the Pearl theme has gone live, here is a brief list of whats changed:

ATTENTION SKIN DEVELOPERS – Pearl brings in skins model v3 please update your skins accordingly

  • New Media Info Icons supported (requires Media Info Provider v1.0.9.0+)
  • Initial GameTime plugin view added (not complete)
  • Several performance fixes
  • Hidden config option to disable next/previous buttons
  • Fixed context menu bug
  • Vertical menus only wrap when there are more items than can be displayed at once
  • Pearl_Night theme backdrop filter tweaks

alt text

A gentle reminder for those who haven’t yet become a Media Browser support or maybe already are. The Pearl theme requires a $10 USD donation to remove the trial message. If you have only donated $5 USD, you will need to donate another $5 USD to remove the trial message and get unlimited usage of Pearl (along with the MB Trailers, and CoverArt plugins). For those who are already MB supporters thank you for your support.

Enjoy the new update, and as always Pearl is available via the MB Configuration tool.

alt text

Posted by soultaker on October 09, 2010

MB Trailers released

Two weeks ago we said we were going to provide the trailers plugin to all supporters who donate 10 or more USD.

It has taken me a while to iron out some bugs, but I am fairly comfortable with it now. Only caveat is that it probably does not work well with extenders yet.

Non-supporters have access to 5 trailers, supporters get access to all of them.

We plan to grow this plugin, I would really like to integrate it with the library and start building a big database of links to HD trailers online. Perhaps a new section on for supporters to crowd source this.

Hope you enjoy the trailer plugin, you will have access to it via the configuration tool.

Posted by sam on October 04, 2010

MediaBrowser 2.2.9 (Orion SP1) Released

Okay, we're pushing out a quick maintenance release to address a couple of issues with 2.2.8. Most importantly, this release addresses an issue where we are possibly downloading TV metadata much too frequently when you have Internet Providers turned on.

Additionally, as a special thank you to all our supporters, from our next version onwards supporters will get notifications of new Media Browser releases (in Media Browser) with an easy option to upgrade.

In addition, there are a few other minor bug fixes.

Please do download and install this new version especially if you use Internet Providers.


As always, Thank You for your Support.

Posted by ebr on October 01, 2010

Media Browser 2.2.8 just released!

It has been just over 3 months since the last Media Browser release; which feels like forever in Media Browser years.

In the mean time we managed to sort out some critical performance issues and add quite a few new features. Our metadata story is much more complete, you can now specify local metadata for mediainfo and our configuration tool is looking more and more polished.

A knowledge base article describing the changes is available here: Changelog: Media Browser 2.2.8 (codename Orion)

I am also very proud to announce that we have quite a few new contributors

A big thank you goes to the new developers, Birkoff, Sinjen, Jon, Chip and Neil18

Another big thank you goes to all the testers, we would not have been able to release such a stable product without you.

But wait, there’s more …

The Media Browser team felt it was time that we properly recognize those of you who support the project through donations. So, starting with this version, Media Browser supporters who give a total of at least $10usd will now have access to 3 very awesome plugins:

  • MB Trailers – a replacement for the old Apple Trailers that provides HD trailer viewing inside MB. If you are not a supporter, you can still use this plug-in but it will only show you a few trailers.

  • CoverArt – this very popular plug-in will now be fully registered for Media Browser supporters as well as those who have made donations specifically for CoverArt. You can still register through ebrSoft for just $4 but a donation to Media Browser in general of at least $5usd will also give you full access to automatic cover art processing.

  • Pearl Theme – the incredibly awesome, infinitely configurable new theme from Soultaker. Like CoverArt, this theme will operate for a limited trial period so you can decide if you want to keep using it (who wouldn’t???). After this period, it will require a supporter key to continue operating. alt text

So, how will this supporter key thing work…?

Whenever you donate to the Media Browser project through the Donate page you should get an email that contains a “Supporter Key”. (Please save this email somewhere in case you need it again in the future.) Simply copy and paste this key into the Supporter Key field in the configurator (found in the Help and About section) and plug-ins for which you are authorized should work outside of their trial limitations.

The proper versions of these plug-ins should be available very soon but please be patient as we coordinate this roll-out.

Does this mean Media Browser is going to a pay model?

No. Media Browser core, as previously stated and as it exists now, is staying 100% free. We simply thought we should reward those of you who help to make this program possible with some additional goodies.

What if I've already supported the Media Browser project?

If you are a past supporter, first and foremost, Thank You, and you should receive an email in the next few days with your supporter key.

What if I can’t do a whole $10 right now

No problem. We really appreciate any support you can provide and, all donations are cumulative. So, if you donate a little bit in multiple installments, they will all add together and, when the minimums are reached, your key will authorize more plug-ins.

I know you told me to save it, but what if my machine crashes and I lose my key?

We will have a link on the donation page that will allow you to retrieve your key if you are a supporter. But, please do save the email :).

What do I do if I have problems?

The CT, as always, will probably be the best place to find help if you have a problem with this new system.

So, there it is, the next iteration of Media Browser. We think it is our most feature-rich and stable version yet. We hope you enjoy using it – and thank you for your support!

How do I make a donation?

Head over to

Posted by sam on September 21, 2010

Media Browser 2.2.5 just out

We just finalized a very minor release of Media Browser.

It includes new usage of the latest TMDb API and a few minor fixes that help out with stability and startup performance.

It should be a fairly safe upgrade, it had its fair share of testing.

If you experienced any crashes on launch or issues with movie metadata, we strongly recommend an upgrade.

Full list of changes is here:

Big thanks to the testers and ebr for making this happen!

Download as usual is available at:

Posted by sam on June 20, 2010

Media Browser version 2.2.4 just released!

After a slight delay we managed to get Media Browser version 2.2.4 ready and out.

A big thank you goes to all the testers and new contributors to the project, this project is truly driven by the community a big thank you to all.

If you enjoy using Media Browser don’t forget to drop us a bit of praise on the community tracker or a donation.


Complete Changelog:

To see a full list of the tracker topics for these changes, have a look here.

Important Notes:

  • This release will need to re-build your entire item cache as changes were made that are not backward compatible. This may take some time the first time you enter MB with this version so be patient while everything re-builds.
  • When using experimental SQLite, the cache.db file will be deleted upon upgrading due to the above mentioned changes.

As usual the download is available at:

Posted by sam on May 29, 2010

In which sam loses 1600 reputation points

Well I have just implemented a massive change in the reputation system. Read [meta] Do we need a reputation adjustment? for context.

I have been rorting the system, I caught myself out and placed some fixes in place to stop this.

You see, sometimes I post short snippets in the discussion section, people agree with it and vote it up. But the trouble is that one upovote on a short reply agreeing with something is worth the same as an upvote on an answer to a question or steps to repro a bug.

The trouble with long discussion threads is that over time it is impossible to figure out what is going on and you are stuck reading through a very long list. Hence I would like to encourage long discussion threads on the tracker less.

In a series of changes I plan to re-balance the tracker so it encourages activities we really need.

For example with bugs:

  • We need bugs reported
  • We need clear steps to reproduce bugs
  • We need clear steps to work around bugs
  • We need to get them fixed
  • Discussion helps nail down bugs and provide status but can get long.

So “discussion” upvotes are now worth less, you only get one reputation point per upvote on a discussion type response (this covers discussion on feature request and bugs and discussion on fan art topics). Additionally if your post moves from one place to another, votes are re-applied.

On top of this I temporarily changed it so upvotes on KB articles are only worth one point. Too often we just post placeholders and its the community who make it great. It not fair to get reputation for posting a place holder.

This is not it for the reputation changes, but I think it is a good start and should encourage better types of activity on the tracker.

Posted by sam on March 16, 2010

Announcement: Media Browser Version 2.2.3 (codename: pegasus)

We have just finished up a maintenance release for Media Browser. Nothing too big here just a bunch of performance and stability fixes.

Still looking for sponsors

If you or anyone you know would like a spot on the Media Browser home page and would like to help out the Media Browser project contact me at sam.saffron <at>

Special thank you

A special thank you to all the people who donated money to the project, I went ahead and assigned “supporter” badges to them.

Warning to all Sqlite users

If you are using the experimental sqlite data store, you will need to delete it before upgrading. Delete the file C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser\Cache\cache.db. I made some schema changes that are not backwards compatible.

Whats fixed?

Community Tracker Listing


Upgrading from firestorm should work fine (with the caveat that sqlite users need to dump the cache – don’t worry, if you do not know what sqlite is, you are not using it)

It is also recommended you do a full upgrade of all the plugins you have installed in particular the old MTN High Quality thumbnailer is not compatible with 2.2.3


As usual available here:

Posted by sam on March 10, 2010

Hosting available for fan artwork.

I wanted to extend the offer to this section since it is the place to go for fan artwork. I provide web hosting for many of our community artists that exceed what popular methods such as DropBox can provide at the free level.

Other community members have joined with me to provide a service that is backed by no less than 4 mirrored locations for your files.

If you need hosting, please contact me here or by email (jon at

Posted by Jon on March 03, 2010

Media Browser - Thunder Blade Now Released

A call for sponsors!

Media Browser is looking for sponsors, if you or anyone you know would like to sponsor the Media Browser project please contact sam.saffron<at> We would love to have a page on our website dedicated to thanking our sponsors.

We are now taking donations!

The Media Browser project started taking donations, don’t be shy, all the money we raise will go to ensuring the awesome that is Media Browser continues.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all the developers, testers, and users who posted feedback in both the forum and here on the community tracker, and anyone else whom I've missed that contributed on this release.

As a standalone release this is a significant one for Media Browser. A great deal of work has taken place in refining our backend plug-in architecture and creating standards that benefit not only developers but ultimately you the consumer. Its now easier than ever to create a plugin to Media Browser which should allow for talented developers to really put their own spin on Media Browser.

On a somewhat personal level the ThunderBlade release validates the direction we've done for the past 3 / 4 releases and takes it to another level (I'm a bit excited …). So I've rambled on long enough there is only one thing left to say – enjoy!


Release Notes

To get a full list of changes click here: Changelog: Media Browser 2.2.2 (codename Thunderblade)

We would also like to call out the following changes:

  • Much has been said about Media Browsers memory usage, we have taken the plunge and added setting that minimizes memory usage (and in turn take up more CPU) to enable this setting have a look at: Memory usage of MB is really high. In particular there is a new setting in the configuration file that can be set manually: called CacheAllImagesInMemory when set to false, memory usage goes way down.
  • Local trailer support is pretty cool very high WAF see: Local trailers support

Posted by soultaker on February 22, 2010

Email flood, well I hope not (and image galleries)


Email notification is now off. I feel like I have been bombarded with emails this week. There must be a better way. Its back to the drawing board on this. I will push for RSS support for those wanting up to the second notifications.


I just turned on email notifications on the tracker. It has pretty fine grained configuration on your user page (check the Settings tab)

By default I am fairly aggressive with the notifications, if you find I am being too aggressive let me know.

And did I mention, my first iteration of the fan-art is up and running, I cache thumbs for all the images you post so its nice and fast.

To create your own image gallery, just create an unordered list of images, for example the gallery above was created with:

 - ![Hopefully this will not lead to spam][1]
 - ![Make sure you change your settings][2]
 - ![This should make ebr happy][3]


It couldn’t get any easier! Just type then click this image button and select the url where your image is at.

I created a special category for fan art, feel free to post any cool pictures of your setup, or share any useful graphics with the community!

Note: my background fanart generation task, is still in beta, it may take a while for it to generate your gallery.

Posted by sam on February 08, 2010

Global reputation recalc

Quite a few of you may have logged on today to find out your reputation on community tracker dropped.

It sucks to lose reputation all of the blue. If its any consolation I lost close to 200 points as well.

There was a very good reason for this:

Have a look at my reputation

I added a new section to the user page that graphs your reputation changes. When I implemented this feature, certain numbers were not adding up, certain bits of history were missing change dates and so on.

The only way to fix this was a full reputation recalc.

I apologize for taking away some reputation, but hopefully earning reputation will be a bit more fun now that it is a lot more transparent.

As always if you have any ideas on how to improve stuff on the tracker please post them at

Posted by sam on January 29, 2010

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